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VideoStudio is the best alternative to Ulead MediaStudio

Ulead MediaStudio Pro was an advanced video editing software suitable for professional editors. The first known version was released in 1999 for windows platform by its developer Ulead Systems. Video Capture, Video Paint, CG Infinity, Audio Editor and Video Editor, these 5 different applications formed MediaStudio Pro. With varied features of these applications, MediaStudio Pro became very popular among video content creators. CG Infinity and Video Paint were excluded from MediaStudio Pro when the version 8.0 released in 2005. The last stable version, MediaStudio 8.10 was released in 2006. Corel acquired MediaStudio Pro that year and since then Ulead MediaStudio Pro was discontinued. VideoStudio is currently the best alternative to Corel MediaStudio. The latest version of VideoStudiovides flexible and intuitive editing features with more powerful effects than ever.

Top Reasons to Upgrade From MediaStudio:


  1. Instant Project Templates
  2. AR Stickers
  3. Enhanced performance

Ultimate Only

  1. Enhanced video stabilization
  2. More premium effects
  3. Auto Motion blur
Top Reasons

Get all of the old features you loved about MediaStudio and a whole lot more when you upgrade to the latest version of VideoStudio.

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