Slow-Motion Video Instagram: a Guide on How to Make a Slow-Motion Instagram Video

Whether it's a glamorous shot of someone's hair blowing in the wind as they whip their head around, or an action movie showing the heroes marching into battle, slow-motion video has certainly made its mark.

It's a fun effect that can add some visual appeal to your Instagram posts. If you're wondering how to get slow-motion video on Instagram, you've come to the right place. This post will break down how to accomplish the effect and have you wowing your followers in no time.

How to make a slow-motion video on Instagram

Effects filters are a common part of any video or photo-sharing site these days. Instagram has their own set of video effects called Boomerang. Although using these effects once required a separate app, they've now been rolled into the core Instagram app. When creating your Instagram story, a slow-motion video can be a fun effect to add, and Boomerang makes it easy. Sometimes, though, you may want more control than the basic filter provided by Instagram allows for. For those times, we'll cover the basics of adding slow-motion in a video editor.

Using Instagram Boomerang

Using the Boomerang effects on your Instagram story couldn't be easier. From the Stories camera, swipe right to enter Boomerang mode. Once there, tap on the icon with the infinity symbol to reveal the effects. You will see several different effects available to you as well as the option to trim the video. For our slow-motion effect, we are interested in the effect called Slowmo. When you apply this effect to your video, the Instagram app will slow your video down to half its normal speed. If you'd like to adjust the speed by a different amount, you'll need to use a video editor outside of Instagram, covered next.

After you've applied the slow-motion to your video with the Slowmo effect, you'll be presented with two options. You can publish your freshly slowed video to your story right away, or you can choose to save it to your camera roll. Once in your camera roll, you can apply additional effects to it in external software or upload it to another video sharing site.

Using a video editor

The exact process for slowing down the video will depend on the video editor that you are using. We will give a brief overview of how to perform the effect in Video Studio. For a more detailed explanation of the process, you can check out this post on the subject.

Time control effects in VideoStudio are called Time Remapping. You can find that dialog by right-clicking on the clip in the timeline you want to slow down. After activating time remapping, you'll need to select the portion of the clip you want to edit using the Mark In and Mark Out buttons in the interface. From there, you simply select the speed that you want to change it to. Note that time remapping in VideoStudio Pro can both slow down and speed up your video.


The best part about slow-motion video is that it doesn't take a lot of planning because you can add it to any video in your phone or on your computer. Sure, you can plan out the perfect slow-motion shot, but you can also quickly and easily play with the effect on every video you shot. Of course, you don't want to overdo the effect on the videos you post. If everything you post is a slow-motion video, Instagram followers may begin to think you live your life in slow-motion. Still, the occasional slow-motion video on Instagram makes for interesting viewing for your followers. Why not see how your videos look in slow-motion right now?

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