What are the best dimensions to go for when making a TikTok video? People viewing content on their smartphones means content creators need to be dialed into different ways of editing videos these days. This includes getting to grips with different aspect ratios beyond traditional landscape formats. Most people view TikTok videos via their phone, so what width and height should you be aiming for with your content?

What is a TikTok video?

TikTok videos are usually brief, snappy, fun clips designed to be watched on mobile devices, often coming in at just a few seconds long. The platform carved out a name for itself by promoting only brief, 15-second-long content when it first hit the social media scene, although the maximum permitted length for TikTok videos has increased in recent years.

TikTok videos can be about anything, but popular topics include dance moves, showcasing creative talent, sharing jokes, and swapping tips on cooking, DIY, life hacks, and more.

A distinguishing feature of the platform is its mobile-focused design. Everything from the infinite scroll to the actual dimension of the clips is geared towards mobile devices. So when creating content for TikTok, what video dimensions are best?

What are the TikTok video dimensions?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule for what dimensions your TikTok video should be. You can upload videos of many different ratios — horizontal, vertical, square — and they’ll be viewable on the app. However, there are certain dimensions which are best suited to the platform.

TikTok videos work best when viewed in portrait, which equates to 1080x1920 pixels. Most smartphone cameras record at this ratio. If you use the TikTok app to film your content directly, it will size it along these lines.

If instead you decide to make your TikTok content using video editing software such as VideoStudio Pro, it’s a good idea to set the frame specifically to 1080x1920.

Whenever we speak about dimensions such as 1080x1920, we’re talking about aspect ratio, or, in other words, the proportional size of your video. File size is different to this and refers to the amount of memory a file takes up. TikTok has some limitations regarding file size. On Android, the current maximum for TikTok videos is 72MB. If you’re using the app via Apple, the maximum file size is 287MB.

Using VideoStudio Pro to edit TikTok videos

The great thing about software such as VideoStudio Pro is that it gives you complete creative control over your TikTok content. This flexibility can’t be matched by creating videos using the app alone.

Although TikTok gives you some editing ability, VideoStudio Pro provides you with a complete, professional menu of editing tools, including animations, audio control, and fine- tuning the image. You can also alter the size of the video frames you’re working with, allowing you to switch between landscape, portrait, or even anamorphic videos. You can also ensure that any text you wish to include is placed perfectly within your clips.

TikTok is a mobile-first platform

Understanding video dimensions is crucial if you’re going to create content that’s perfectly suited to the TikTok platform. Since it’s a form of social media primarily designed for mobile, most TikTok videos work best when in portrait. 1080x1920 pixels is the best dimension to use.

It’s also important to keep an eye on your file size. The TikTok app on Android puts a limit of 72MB for each video, with Apple videos able to go to 287MB.

Software such as VideoStudio Pro is great at ensuring you have all the tools you need to craft and curate snappy, engaging TikTok content. Not only will it allow you to create mobile- friendly material with the correct dimensions, it also gives you a host of professional editing tools capable of making your videos shine. Download a free trial today!

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