A Guide to Choosing Best Video Podcast Equipment

If you have an idea for a topic and some engaging personalities to discuss it, you may want to launch a video podcast. Through video podcasting, you can lend more versatility to your podcasts than audio alone, allowing you to upload your podcasts to YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms beyond Spotify and other audio platforms. However, in addition to winning topics and likable personas, you need reliable video podcast equipment that can establish consistent quality that keeps people watching.

When searching for the best equipment for video podcasting, there are plenty of options based on your needs. However, you need to select the equipment that's right for you based on your budget and specific needs.

Why is it important to have the right equipment?

When shopping for the best video podcast equipment to make your dream podcast a reality, you need to choose the right equipment that provides consistent quality. At the same time, you should determine how much equipment you can actually afford. If you plan to make money from your podcast through ad revenue or something like Patreon contributions from fans, you should make sure your equipment is both dependable and affordable to start with.

With high-quality equipment that keeps you within your budget, you can establish a reputation for quality, build a fan base, and more effectively earn revenue that helps cover the costs of equipment over time. Eventually, as you develop a loyal following that continues to grow, you may be able to profit greatly and upgrade your equipment as needed.

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How to choose video podcast equipment

When determining the equipment needed for a video podcast, many of the decisions will be the same as those you would make for an audio podcast. Sound quality is just as important in a video podcast equipment setup as video quality, as people may also listen to an audio version of the podcast.

Establish your allotted budget

The first step you need to take when choosing video podcast equipment is to determine how much you're willing to spend on your equipment. Keep in mind that in addition to audio equipment, including microphones, audio recording software, interfaces and mixers, and audio editing software, you will need video equipment that's of equal quality.

Some video podcasting equipment you may need could include:

  • Video cameras
  • Memory cards for cameras
  • Tripods
  • Video recording and editing software

Are you filming a live or pre-recorded podcast?

You also need to consider whether you're going to film live or pre-recorded podcasts, each of which will require a different video podcast equipment setup. For live podcasts, you may need:

  • Graphics software to add graphics, text, or an intro for a live podcast
  • A dependable internet connection that prevents the connection from dropping
  • Headphones to monitor audio levels
  • Audio mixers that allow for real-time audio adjustments
  • Capture cards for connecting non-HDMI cameras to computers

You may also require a video encoder that converts recorded video into a digital format, which you can then upload to the appropriate platform.

Once you know how to approach your podcast and the equipment you need, you can determine your budget and how much you're willing to spend.

Upgrade when necessary

Remember, you're not stuck with the equipment you have at the beginning. While your starting equipment should allow for recordings of passable quality, you can always upgrade to even better equipment as you begin to profit from your podcast. As your budget grows, you can switch out cameras, microphones, editing software, and other equipment. Audiences are often more forgiving of new podcasts that are still figuring out what works for them—as long as people enjoy the content and the quality doesn't impede on the overall viewing and listening experience, you'll be able to get off to a great start.


The right video equipment can make all the difference between a good and a great video podcast. With the right video podcast equipment, your new podcast will have the chance to flourish.

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