Sports Video Recording Equipment: A Guide to Choosing Best Sports Video Equipment

Whether you're an athlete looking to capture your own shining moments or a filmmaker who enjoys getting the most exhilarating action shots, it's important to find the right equipment to get the best possible footage. When selecting sports video recording equipment, you need to figure out what you require based on your available budget and the type of action you want to film.

To help you make the right selection on your search for the perfect setup, here is a guide to choosing the best sports video equipment.

How to choose sports video equipment

When searching for the ideal video equipment for sports, you will need a camera or multiple cameras that can effectively capture the action. There are several specific considerations to keep in mind as you make your camera selection, including:

  • Video quality — To record high-speed action shots and avoid any blurring, look for a camera that keeps the image crisp and clear. If you can afford it, 4K is the best option, but it's possible to use a lower-quality camera with the right technique.
  • Mounting — Depending on where and how you'll shoot, you'll want to select the right mount for your camera, which could include a tripod for action taking place within a single space or head- or chest-mounted cameras for POV or close-up shots. You can also use portable 4K monitors for 4K cameras.
  • Frame rate — The frame rate of your camera is also key, as a higher frame rate captures more action in detail. 60fps is great to use for action shots, allowing for smoother slow-motion shots than 30fps.
  • Camera size and physical design — You can also choose between different types of action camera designs and sizes, which feature various shapes and weights. Larger cameras will require more stationary or limited physical mounting, while smaller, more dynamic camera designs are perfect for mounting to bicycle handles, helmets, and other areas.
  • Angle options — A majority of cameras include a field of view (FOV) that's wide-angled, but you should also consider cameras with medium and narrow FOVs. A Wide-angle can be good if you want to capture a larger area or create a fish-eye effect, but narrow and medium can help you determine which FOV is best for a particular shot.
  • Waterproofing — If your shots are going to be on or under the water, you need to select a camera and other sports video equipment that's specifically designed for these environments.
  • Filming accessories — In addition to your camera, you'll also want to consider what types of accessories you'll need for filming. For example, you may need to buy mounting equipment such as head mounts, bike handle mounts, helmets, and chest mounts. You may also require telescoping poles, dollies, and other equipment that can help better capture the action.

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Using the right software

Having the right equipment to record your footage comes with many considerations, but another piece of sports video equipment you need to choose is editing software. If you're working with a tight budget, the camera you use may have certain limitations when it comes to recording. Depending on what you use for filming, the film may not be as smooth as it should to clearly show all the action taking place. However, the right video editing software can make it easier to create the perfect shot.

Good video software will come with features such as video stabilization, slow motion, freeze-frame, high-speed effects, or reverse and replay options that are perfect for sports videos. You may also be able to benefit from pan and zoom options that keep the action in the frame. Meanwhile, motion tracking features can enable you to highlight parts of the action with text and graphics, blur faces and license plates, or add logos to make your videos uniquely yours.


With the right video equipment for sports, you can show off your filmmaking skills, athletic abilities, or both using clear, crisp, and generally impressive footage.

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