YouTube Video Equipment: The Complete Guide

YouTube gives everyone the opportunity to create content and put themselves out there. When you are just getting started, though, it can be hard to decide on what type of equipment you need. The good news is that you can get started with much simpler equipment than you may think and then grow into better tools. We'll break down the equipment to make YouTube videos for you.

How to Choose YouTube Video Equipment

Knowing what equipment to make YouTube videos with starts with knowing what you'll be using it for. As an example, if you want to make tutorial videos that consist entirely of screen recordings, then you won't need a camera at all. As a first basic step, think of creators who make content similar to what you want to make and try to imagine the equipment they need to create those videos. Let's break down the categories of physical products you may need.


Unless you are doing screencasts only, as mentioned above, you'll need a camera of some sort to shoot your video. Recording equipment for making YouTube videos needn't be expensive. You can start with just the camera on your phone, though you are likely to want to upgrade at some point. Point and shoot cameras are great for ease of use but often fall short in the quality of the video department. DSLR cameras provide cinematic video quality, but only if you know how to use them properly. Generally, creators will progress through each of these three camera types as their skills and confidence grow. For action shots, a GoPro-style camera may be the only option to get the shots you need.


Microphones are something almost everyone who records video needs. The microphone built-in to your camera, even very good cameras, is likely not ideal for recording audio. You can certainly use it as you are getting started, but upgrading to a dedicated microphone is a good idea. There are two types of microphones, omnidirectional and unidirectional. What you need depends on your circumstances.

Omnidirectional microphones will pick up sound from all directions. This is good if you need to ensure that you have good sound coverage, but it also means they'll pick up any background noise very clearly also. Even things such as fans or refrigerators can create unwanted noise in the recording. Unidirectional microphones are better at blocking out anything they aren't pointed at, but will only work if your talent can be positioned directly in front of them.


Proper lighting is a subject all in itself, but the basics are easy to understand. Most creators these days use a ring light place in front of them. It provides adequate lighting to get great video quality and is easy to set up. A more artful approach is to use two-point lighting. With that system, one brighter light serves as the primary light coming from one side. On the other side is a less bright light, or one bounced off a reflector. This fills in some of the shadows created by the first. Setting two-point lighting up to look pleasing requires more skill than a ring light does, however.

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Choosing the Right Software

Video production isn't all about physical equipment. You'll need software to edit your video in as well. Software like VideoStudio will let you record your screen for screencast-style videos or import footage from the camera. It will give you a whole host of editing, titling, effects, and transitions to craft a professional-looking product from the resulting footage.  Unless you plan on exclusively live-streaming everything, then being able to edit the footage you take, regardless of how it's captured, is a big part of creating a successful video.


What equipment do YouTubers use? At the beginning of this post, you might not have had any idea. Certainly, you knew the general categories, but hopefully, we've given you a nice introduction to what to look for within those categories. With the equipment you gather and tools like VideoStudio, you'll be making great content in no time.

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