TikTok is the ultimate creative collaboration social media site, and stitching TikTok videos is at the heart of it. If you’re not familiar with it then just spend a few moments on TikTok and you’ll come across a stitched video. But what exactly is it and how do you stitch a video on TikTok?

What does it mean to stitch a TikTok video?

Stitching a video is a type of video editing tool. It basically involves combining one TikTok video with another to create a new post. It might incorporate an entire video followed by a reaction, or it could just be a section of a video, but generally it’s a case of just combining videos. When using the TikTok app you can only stitch videos where the user has enabled stitching.

Stitching a video is one of the most popular things to do on TikTok. It all comes down to sharing and collaboration, or building on what people have already done before. Stitching unlocks the possibilities of creating musical duets, or reaction videos, or jumping on trends to showcase your own skills. It’s also one reason why some videos do so well on the site: if you encourage people to share it and stitch it, you will be sharing your video far and wide.

But how exactly do you stitch a video on TikTok? There are two main ways to do this, either within the app or by using video editing software.

How to stitch a video on TikTok

Firstly, you can only stitch a video on TikTok if the owner has enabled that function when posting. Some users might prefer for their content to remain on their page, in which case they will secure their privacy settings and you won’t be able to touch it. But if they’re up for stitching then all you need to do is tap the Share icon which looks like a white arrow pointing to the right of the frame.

You’ll be presented with some options. Select Stitch. This will give you the option of choosing which part of the video you want to stitch to your own. Simply adjust the size of the red box around the timeline of the video.

Next, record your own video. All the functions of TikTok’s recording feature will be presented, so simply record your video as you normally would. Anything you then post will include the section of the other video you have stitched.

Adjust your own settings before posting, including whether you’re happy for other users to stitch your own videos. When you’re done, post it.

Use VideoStudio Pro to edit your TikTok videos

If you’re in a hurry, on the move, and want to grab a short extract of someone else’s video to stitch to your own, then using TikTok’s inbuilt stitching feature is no problem. But if you want to do something more complex that involves recutting sections, adding graphics and different music to a video, that’s when VideoStudio Pro comes in.

To do this, you’ll need to download an entire video by hitting Save (if the original creator has enabled that feature) and import it into VideoStudio Pro. This will basically give you free reign over trimming it, cutting sections out of it, replacing audio and music, adding color filters and animated titles. Using editing software like VideoStudio Pro gives you control over the content you want to create, and much more flexibility when it comes to working with other people’s videos.

Stitch TikTok videos to edit quickly

If you want to interact and collaborate with other TikTok users, stitching videos is the way to do it. Although there are certain features within the app that let you combine your videos with other people’s, you’ll always have much more creative control when editing within software like VideoStudio Pro. Just remember that you can only do this with videos when the creators have enabled features that permit saving and stitching. Download a free trial of VideoStudio Pro today and get your TikTok videos stitched right!

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