TikTok is a video platform where creators can see their work loved and shared by millions of viewers across the globe. More so than with other social media giants such as YouTube or Instagram, TikTok videos can go viral and reach vast audiences without their maker necessarily having a famous profile. But what marks out a TikTok video from other internet clips? How can you make a TikTok video and start your journey towards social media stardom? Today, we’ll be covering all the foundations so that you can create TikTok videos with style and confidence.

What is a TikTok video?

When TikTok first hit the social media scene, it differentiated itself from the competition by only allowing users to post videos of 15 seconds or less. This means it has built and cemented a reputation for short, snappy videos that squeeze maximum impact into minimum space. As soon as you’ve finished watching one clip, another has already queued up and started playing. This “endless watch” makes the TikTok app an addictive and extremely popular addition to the mobile-viewing landscape.

Over time, TikTok has gradually allowed longer videos onto its platform. In February 2022, the maximum length extended all the way up to 10 minutes. However, the app is still known for concise, quickly edited content that doesn’t overstay its welcome. In order to find favor with the algorithm, you’ll want to keep your clips short, sharp, and to the point. Software such as VideoStudio Pro can give you the perfect toolbox for honing your videos down to their greatest essence.

What you need for your TikTok video

At the very least, you’ll need a phone with the TikTok app downloaded. In fact, if your device has a working video camera, this is all you need to get started. The platform’s popularity also rides on how easy it is to start creating and uploading content. You can record, carry out basic edits, and then share your videos, all within the app itself.

But what if you want to go further than this? What if you want more creative control than TikTok’s own editing tools can provide? This is where software such as VideoStudio Pro can give you the edge.

Use VideoStudio Pro to edit your videos

VideoStudio Pro gives you a professional-grade toolkit with which to craft your videos the way you want them to be. Simply choose the footage you want to build a TikTok with and import it into the software.

In the editing timeline, you can then slot and sift your clips to make sure they’re in the order and the length that you want. Then, once the basic running order is down, add other media such as music, text overlay, transitions, or special effects. You can even use the editor to match transition points with sounds, beats, or overdubs.

When you’re happy with the final look and feel, it’s time to let your viewers in on the action. Export your file, upload to your TikTok profile, and watch as it gets enjoyed and shared.

How to create great TikTok videos

In the crowded TikTok market, editing software such as VideoStudio Pro can really give your content the edge it needs to stand out from the crowd. Remember, viewers can come to TikTok looking for all sorts of content, but what many people want are videos that are sharply edited, swiftly executed, and properly polished.

It’s a good idea to spend a bit of time watching clips on the app to get a sense of what your own tastes are before diving into creating your own. Once you’re ready to take the creative plunge, a good suite of editing tools such as those found in VideoStudio Pro can really give you the breadth and creative freedom to shape your content in whichever way your imagination takes you. Download a free trial today to kickstart your TikTok journey.

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