If you’ve been inspired by some of your favorite TikTok videos and want to create your own, there’s never been a better time to start making videos. There’s a huge audience on TikTok just waiting for more creators to discover, and even though YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are all still fairly bustling places, TikTok is very much where trends are being established. But what exactly makes a good TikTok video and how do you create one?

What is a TikTok video?

Simply, a TikTok video is just a video that is designed for and shared on TikTok. By its nature, TikTok favors mobile-friendly videos which are fast-paced, fun, and exciting. It’s not really a platform that dives deep into niche topics like YouTube, although there are lots of dedicated followers of very specific content from laundry folding to personal finance. The addictive and fast-flowing nature of TikTok tends to mean that creators do whatever they can to stand out by being loud, colorful, and energetic.

TikTok also provides unknown creators the opportunity to create viral content; you don’t have to be a well-established influencer to rack up millions or even billions of views.

What you need to make a TikTok video

Making a TikTok video is actually a very simple process. At its bare bones, all you need is a camera, and if you’re using TikTok then you definitely have a camera on the back of your smartphone already. But you don’t have to use a mobile camera to create TikTok videos, you can use any high-quality, digital video camera to shoot your scenes. Whether you’re telling jokes, creating skits, or just recording daily observations like a vlog, use a camera to film what you get up to and make sure you keep a backup of the footage you record.

Once you’ve filmed your content, you’ll need some video editing software. Thinking of video editing software might conjure images of huge Hollywood editing suites, but there’s a wide range of different levels of software available to everyone out there.

You’ll want some software that provides lots of options for tools to use in your edit. As well as basic functions like arranging and trimming clips, you’ll want something that lets you add and mix music tracks, create motion graphics like animated text and titles, and add color filters to your footage. VideoStudio Pro is a one-stop shop when it comes to video editing, designed for both hobbyist and professional video editors alike.

Use VideoStudio Pro to edit your videos

In fact, the edit is arguably the most important stage of the process. This is where it all comes together, where your idea comes to life as a video on the screen. Take time to really work on the edit as nudging a clip just a few frames can make a huge difference to how an audience feels when watching your film.

To start the process, import all of your footage into VideoStudio Pro and go through it carefully, choosing the best takes and assembling it in order. Once you have a structure in place, you can start making fine adjustments to the timing and pacing of the edit, speeding sections up and slowing others down, or even adding exciting dynamic transitions to get from one scene to the next.

Add music and motion graphics to really bring your TikTok video to life, like the icing on a cake. Captions and animated titles will make your films more engaging, and adding color filters to your footage will make them look much more professional and cinematic.

The possibilities are endless, so make sure you completely explore the tools available to you.

Planning is key

Making a TikTok video is all about planning. You wouldn’t start any other project without drawing out what you want the outcome to look like, and it’s the same with TikTok videos. Write a script, plan what you want the shots to look like, and think about the edit carefully before rushing into anything. The best TikTok videos might look like they’ve been created on the fly, but have actually been carefully considered and structured. VideoStudio Pro contains a wealth of tools you can use to make your TikTok videos stand out above the others, so start your free trial today!

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