Of all the tools at your disposal when creating TikTok videos, reversing videos can be one of the most fun. There are lots of creative ways you can use reversed video, and audiences will love the clever results. You can reverse a video on TikTok both using the app and other video editing software, so let’s jump in and learn how it works.

What is a TikTok video?

A TikTok video is a short, vertical video designed to be posted on TikTok. It’s designed specifically for mobile and can either be created directly within the app or by using other video editing software. The speedy nature of TikTok videos lends itself well to quick jokes, sketches, dance challenges, and music videos, but it is also filled with audiences looking for content on topics from extreme sports to nutrition tips.

Because of how quickly users scroll through the content, it encourages collaboration, innovation and creativity in video creation. Make your videos stand out in TikTok by utilizing tools like reversing videos.

How to reverse a video on TikTok

Before you start reversing videos in TikTok without thinking about it, consider why you might want to reverse a video. Think about the story you’re trying to tell and what kind of effect you want to create. If you film somebody doing something and then reverse it the effect could look like they’re doing something totally different, like jumping onto a cliff with an incredible show of strength.

If you want to do everything within TikTok, the app includes an option to reverse any videos you make. All you need to do is record your video and select Reverse in the effects screen before you post it. This will reverse your entire video.

But what do you do if you want to reverse only a short section of your video? Or combine it with other effects and transitions? That’s when editing software like VideoStudio Pro comes in to give you complete control over your creations.

Use VideoStudio Pro to edit your TikTok videos

If you want to edit videos in ways that aren’t possible within the Tiktok app, try using VideoStudio Pro. It’s a complete suite of post-production tools that range from simple cutting and trimming clips to adding complex transitions and visual effects.

Once you have recorded the footage you need for your TikTok video, import it into VideoStudio Pro to select the best clips and assemble the footage into an edit. Remove any mistakes or moments you don’t want to include in the video, and add music to give your video a specific tone and pace.

Once you’re happy with that, it’s time to add the icing on the cake. Create animated motion graphics and titles to add context and color to your videos. Use creative transitions to get from scene to scene, and color grade your final video to give the footage a specific hue.

Using VideoStudio Pro to edit your TikTok videos opens up a world of possibilities that simply don’t exist in the TikTok app. Make your videos more creative and cinematic than other creators to give them a chance to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Reversing videos is an easy and creative effect

Reversing videos can result in some very creative effects in your TikTok videos. While TikTok does offer some limited editing tools, including a reverse function, creators should look to editing software like VideoStudio Pro if they want to completely customize their videos. Download your free trial today!

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