The endless scroll of TikTok can sometimes make it feel like our beloved videos vanish into thin air as soon as we’ve enjoyed them. But what if we want to keep our favorite clips on our device to watch again offline or to send to friends? There is a straightforward way to download TikTok videos, so that you can keep them in offline mode and share them easily via other messenger or social media apps. It also means you can share TikTok videos with people who don’t have the TikTok app itself.

What is a TikTok video?

TikTok videos are renowned for being short, sharp, and to the point, with most coming in at 15 seconds or less. The platform originally built its reputation on fun, accessible, shareable content, including dance routines, DIY tips, and in-jokes. Nowadays, TikTok allows longer videos to be created and shared via its app, although it is still known for brief, tightly edited clips that don’t overstay their welcome.

How to download a TikTok video

It’s easy to keep the TikTok videos you enjoy accessible on your device at all times. As of August of 2022, downloading videos just takes a couple of clicks:

  1. On the video you want, tap the white “Share” arrow to the right of the screen.
  2. Tap “Save Video” in the menu that pops up.

That’s all there is to it. The video will then appear in whichever folder is set to receive your downloaded videos. By default, this will usually just be your device’s “Download” folder.

Why can’t I download a TikTok video?

You might come across some TikTok videos where the option to download isn’t available. This is usually because the TikTok video in question is protected. Creators are able to prevent their content from being downloaded from the app and may choose to do so for various reasons. Some people like their TikTok content to be viewable by only a select number of people or followers.

Save your favorite videos in seconds

If you want to keep your favorite TikTok videos stored in a format that you can access offline and share with ease, downloading is as easy as clicking a few icons on your device screen. Downloaded copies of your favorite TikTok content can also be useful if the original creator decides to delete the clip from their profile. The only time you’ll be unable to download TikTok videos in this way is if the creator has opted to protect the clip from being downloaded and shared.

Once you have a video downloaded, you can always remove the TikTok logo from the end of the clip by importing it into video editing software and trimming the final few seconds off. VideoStudio Pro makes it easy to trim movie files, as well as giving you plenty of other professional-grade editing tools to work with. Download a free trial today to give yourself complete creative control over your video content and media files.

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