How To Make A Montage

Got a collection of videos you want to combine quickly and easily? Maybe some clips from a recent holiday, party, or special event? VideoStudio is a streamlined way of creating video montages perfect for social media or just family memories. Read on to learn how to create them.

VideoStudio includes Corel FastFlick - the video montage maker. Perfect for creating video montages in minutes.

1. Install VideoStudio

To install VideoStudio video editing software on your PC, download and run the installation file above. Continue following on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

2. Open Corel FastFlick

FastFlick is a video montage and slideshow maker. It’s the perfect tool to create home movies from your photos or short video clips. In three easy steps it will build a video montage before your eyes.

Open Corel FastFlick

3. Select your template

Preview templates by selecting them and pressing play. Once you find the template you like, select step 2, Add your media.

Select your template

4. Add your media

Simply click on the green plus button or drag and drop your media into the panel on the right. You can rearrange order by dragging your media within the library. To customize a title in your video, drag your scrubber to the part of the movie click marked with a purple bar - this activates the Edit Title button. Here you can change the font style and text. Click on the settings icon to the far right of the screen. You can customize or add a music track here, and select whether to enable pan and zoom to your photos. Preview your video montage at any time by pressing the play button.

Add your media

5. Save and Share

When you are done making adjustments, it’s time to Save & Share. Here you can save to popular formats, upload direct to Facebook or YouTube or export to the VideoStudio timeline to do some further editing.

Save and Share

VideoStudio does more than just make video montages

Check out some of the other video editing features in VideoStudio, like make a video with pictures and music, photo slideshow maker, video montage maker, and more! Create high quality videos in a fun and easy to use video editor and make your movies stand out more than ever.

Reverse Videos Reverse Videos
Make A Photo Slideshow Make A Photo Slideshow
Make A Video Collage Make A Video Collage
Make A Video With Pictures And Music Make A Video With Pictures And Music

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