GoPro Video Format: Using GoPro Video File Format

If you want to edit your GoPro videos, you may need to convert the video format at some point. Generally, GoPro cameras record video in either MP4 or HEVC format. Both of these formats have their own ups and downs and may not be compatible with the device or program you use to edit your videos. To help you better understand the GoPro video format and how to convert your videos when necessary, here is a brief guide that can walk you through these aspects and steps.

What video format does GoPro use?

There are two main file formats that GoPro cameras use: MP4 and HEVC. The specific file format will depend on the type of GoPro camera you use. A majority of GoPro HERO camera models record using the h.264 video codec in Advanced Video Coding (AVC) format. h.264/AVC videos use the MP4 file container and .mp4 file extension, and you can easily view and edit these files using nearly any media player, device, and editing software.

Some exceptions to be aware of are the HERO6, HERO7, and HERO8 Black GoPro cameras, which use an h.265 codec in the High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format. The footage captured in these cameras is typically in 4K resolution and a higher frame rate of 60fps. H.265/HEVC files use the MOV file container and .mov extension, which isn't as versatile as MP4.

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The main problem that people tend to experience when viewing or editing GoPro footage has to do with the HEVC format, which doesn't perform as well on older devices. HEVC files can also be more difficult to edit if people want to incorporate any visual effects or add audio narration. It can also make it difficult to even trim when engaged in basic editing. This is why it's often best to work with the MP4 file format that uses AVC.

How to convert GoPro video files

As mentioned, while MP4 video files tend to work well on any platform and with any video editing software, you may have certain issues when working with MOV files, particularly if your devices don't support 4K video resolution. In these cases, you may need to convert your MOV files to MP4 or another format that's better for viewing or editing.

The first step to converting your GoPro video file format is to find the right conversion software. A good video converter will enable you to convert any video files to another format, ideally without sacrificing video quality. There are plenty of tools out there that you can use for converting GoPro files, but it's important to find the right one that's compatible with not just your video files but also your system. You should also determine if you want to use a free tool or invest in a premium version, depending on your budget and how frequently you think you'll need it for converting your footage. Once you've found the ideal software, you can begin converting your videos and prepare them for media players or editing tools.


For most video converters, you simply need to upload the video file from your computer or camera to the converter and select the output format you would like to use. From there, the conversion is often fast and easy to provide you with the completed file relatively quickly.

With more knowledge around the types of GoPro file formats that these cameras use and how to use them, you can determine if you need a converter for your footage when making videos. With the right conversion software, you can easily and quickly convert your videos to use them with any device or editing tool.

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