GoPro Video: The Complete Guide to GoPro Videos

In 2002 a company known as GoPro launched in California. Nick Woodman, the founder of the company is an avid surfer and skier, and he had a desire to create a better way to film himself engaging in those activities so he could show his loved ones. At the time, most cameras available on the market were very fragile, and it was not easy to take any kind of camera with you when engaging in sports or physical activity of any kind without fear of damaging it. Even if you did bring one along, it was not easy to capture the kind of images that you wanted to from the activity that you were doing. That is why Woodman wanted to do something about this. He created GoPro in response to this need.

What is a GoPro video? provides a wonderful definition of what a GoPro is in its simplest form:

“At its core, a GoPro is a small camera the [sic] takes the best qualities of point-and-shoots and camcorders and packs them into a rugged frame that's smaller, waterproof, and virtually indestructible.”

This explanation may be a bit simplistic, but it also happens to be true. Though a GoPro is typically a very small device, it packs a lot of power in that small space. Just watch one at work and you will be amazed by all that it is capable of. In fact, you may start to obtain one of these devices for your own use after you have seen what it is able to do for its users.

The video that is captured by a GoPro device is what is known as a GoPro video. People upload them onto the Internet all the time as a way of showing their family and friends all of the cool activities that they are into. People enjoy watching them because it allows them to see what it might be like to enjoy some of these activities even as they are sitting on their couch at home. They truly create some of the most dynamic viewing that a person could ever ask for.

Benefits and uses of GoPro videos

GoPro videos are not just about vanity and showing off the active and fit lifestyle that you have. Instead, they are also about helping people explore parts of the world that they may never get the chance to see on their own. Plenty of people log on to watch GoPro videos simply because they are able to see what others are doing without even leaving their own homes. It is a magical experience for them, and they crave it.

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This kind of video production is extremely helpful for people who are unable to leave their homes for whatever reason. Perhaps they have a medical condition that makes it very challenging for them to leave their home. That kind of thing is common, and it can be devastating for those who have to go through it. It must be some comfort to people in this situation to know that they can at least watch GoPro videos of other people getting out into the wider world and participating in things that they would like to also enjoy.

There are other upsides to the way that various people use their GoPro cameras. For example, it is possible for people to film amazing outdoor videos and put those videos out on the Internet for others to enjoy. This is a great way to spread the word about various sporting events that one is engaged in, and it may even make it possible for certain people to learn about a new sport that they had not previously heard of.

What is the GoPro video format?

GoPro recordings are all done on the same video format. It is important to understand what that format is because you need to know it in order to be able to upload your videos to the various places where you might want to upload them. The format that they use is an MP4 video format.

Depending on the specific GoPro camera that you use, your camera may be set to the following settings: H. 264 or H. 265(HEVC). Check to make sure which one is present on your camera before you begin to record. This is useful information that may prove to be of value to you later on.

GoPro editing tips and best practices

People get very excited as they unbox their GoPro device and think about all of the amazing ways that they can put it to use in their life. It is a moment that is meant to be very exciting because it is a time when they finally get the chance to use a device that has been specifically designed to be used in an outdoor environment and for the specific purposes that they have in mind for it. However, it is best to know a little about some of the basic editing tips and tricks before moving on to recording your first GoPro video.

Use red filters when filming underwater

One of the best features of the GoPro is that it can be taken underwater without damaging the camera. People love to bring their GoPro cameras underwater with them because they want to take some of the most amazing photos that you will ever see of the various creatures that live down there. Thus, it is understandable that many people would very much like to bring their GoPro underwater with them as well. When they do, they should make sure to turn their red filters on as this is the best way to produce the outstanding underwater pictures that they are hoping to create.

Make sure you are using the GoPro app

GoPro has its own app that you should check out as soon as you get your GoPro camera. The reason to go to their app immediately is because you will want to share your best photos with other GoPro users in order to see who has the very best pictures. You also can get some valuable tips from other GoPro users on the app, and there is truly nothing better than speaking with others who are just as passionate as you are about the photos that they take on their outdoor adventures.

Shoot at the highest resolution possible

You should choose the option that allows you to shoot at the highest resolution possible when you can. The reason for this is that you want to capture amazing films without giving up any of their quality at any time. If you are concerned about how it might turn out after the fact, you can always clean this up in post-production if you would like to. You should not base what you do on the fear that it won't turn out just perfect. The reality is that you can actually create amazing works of art in the editing process just as you could when filming to begin with. As such, you should start with the highest resolution and then move on from there.

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GoPro video editing basics

Now, let's talk about some of the editing strategies that you absolutely must use if you are going to produce amazing videos that wow your audiences. These are techniques that you simply cannot get away from, and you should always use each of these methods if you want to create the kind of videos that people are likely to want to watch time and time again.

Stabilizing GoPro videos

This is a technique that you will need to use because your GoPro video is very likely to be filmed outdoors. This is where most people use their GoPro cameras. Your camera is going to shake and bobble some as you use it to record whatever outdoor activity it is that you want to record. Therefore, you should take some time to stabilize the quality of your video so it is not as shaky when you publish it for others to view.

Flipping and rotating GoPro videos

There are times when you may need to rotate or flip the orientation of your GoPro video. This may be necessary because you have potentially turned the video in such a way that it is not optimal for viewing. This can happen when you are out and about filming whatever it is that you want to film. Do not take it for granted that you may need to rotate your GoPro video in such a way that it is easier for people to view when they get the chance to do so.

Altering original audio

Changing the original audio that accompanies your GoPro video is something that you should consider doing right from the start. Why? Because the original audio that is likely to be produced by a GoPro video is going to be choppy and not sound great. Many video producers opt to mute their videos and/or add music or other audio over their videos in order to make it easier to enjoy them. This is NOT something that you must do, but you should probably consider it if you detect poor audio quality on your videos.

GoPro time-lapse video

You may want to consider creating a GoPro time-lapse video as part of your production here. It is easy to do with a GoPro camera, and the benefit is that you can show your viewers activity that took place over a period of hours or even days in mere minutes.

GoPro 360 video

How would you like to have a full 360-degree view of something important that you are filming? Many of us would love it if we could view everyday things in our regular life this way, let alone videos that people produce on their GoPro. It is because of this that you should always consider using the 360-degree function to help you produce videos that are fascinating to look at and can bring your audience even more into the moment. GoPro has made that technology easily available to its customers.

What to look for when choosing GoPro editing software

You want to edit your videos to perfection after you are done filming them. That is reasonable and a great way to think about things. In order to get there, you need to use GoPro editing software like the kind offered by VideoStudio. They are the best choice for this type of software because they know what people are looking for when they are on the hunt for this type of software. They have perfectly structured their software so that it can be used by virtually anyone who would like to give it a try. No matter your level of experience, you will find the VideoStudio software brings you:

  • All of the functionality that you require
  • A user-friendly interface that you can get behind
  • The ability to create videos that your audience will love

Those are the attributes that we all want when we search for video editing software that works for us. If that makes sense to you, then you need to get your hands on this software today.


There are a lot of things that one can use their GoPro camera for, and many of those activities are things that other people would enjoy watching when you upload them. If you are smart about how you make your videos, it might even be possible for you to make your GoPro camera into a profitable investment for yourself. You just need to upload strategically and make sure you capitalize on viewership trends and anything else that can help you get your videos to a wider audience who might want to see them.

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