GoPro 360 Video: Shooting and Editing 360 GoPro Videos

Using GoPro cameras, it's possible to make 360-degree videos with multiple shots. While there isn't a GoPro specifically designed to produce 360 panoramic videos, the high-quality video captured with these cameras, along with some editing techniques and software, can enable you to create top-quality 360-degree videos.

If you want to learn how to make a GoPro 360 panorama video, you must take some steps to make sure your video comes out looking right. Here we'll go over the process of shooting 360 video with GoPro and editing after you've finished filming.

How to shoot 360 video on a GoPro

If you want to produce 360-degree GoPro videos but don't know how to, 360 video GoPro production can be completed by taking some of the following steps before and during the shoot.

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Gather the necessary equipment

Before you start shooting a 360 GoPro video, you need to make sure you have the equipment required. While it's possible to produce a panoramic video using a single GoPro camera, you're often better off using multiple cameras to simultaneously capture multiple angles. For optimal results, a good setup could consist of anywhere from around six to 14 GoPro cameras. In addition to using multiple cameras, you may want to use a custom GoPro rig that can mount all of your cameras to form a 360-degree shot.

You can either shop for a suitable rig or build your own, depending on your needs.

Set up the rig to prepare for shooting in 360

Remember that you will need to stitch multiple videos together to create a single seamless viewing experience. Knowing this, set up your GoPro camera rig to ensure cameras are flush with the horizon and make sure the subjects or space you're filming are directly in front of the camera. In some cases, people may film the action to the point where it goes between two cameras, creating a noticeable gap that makes it harder to splice the shots together.

Keep track of power supplies

When using such a large number of cameras to film your videos, make sure they have enough power to keep all cameras filming consistently. If one or more cameras have low battery power at the time of filming, you may need to wait to recharge them, which can cause you to miss some exciting shots if you're filming spontaneous moments.

How to edit 360 GoPro video

If you want to know how to edit GoPro Fusion 360 video or footage from another GoPro camera, there are some ways you can edit your footage together using the right software and techniques.

Upload and organize the videos on your computer

After shooting your videos, the first step is to upload them from their native storage devices to your computer. Make sure all footage is labeled based on the corresponding camera, which will keep your shots organized.

Import videos into your video editing software

Next, import your videos from your computer folder into a GoPro 360 video editor. There are many video editors you can use for stitching shots together. From there, you can use your software to begin connecting each shot into a 360-degree panoramic video.

The individual steps for stitching videos will vary depending on the software you use, but certain programs enable you to piece together multiple shots using a 360-degree video feature. Once completed, simply process and export your completed videos, which you'll be able to view on any device compatible with panoramic videos, including smartphones and virtual reality headsets.


360 GoPro videos can be a lot of fun to share with your friends and family, and the process of filming and editing them can be relatively simple when done properly. With the right filming equipment and video editing software, you'll be able to produce top-quality 360 videos that excite and entertain.

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