How to Edit GoPro Videos: A Guide to GoPro Editing Best Practices

Are you disappointed that your GoPro videos are not as professional looking as those you've seen on YouTube? There is a reason for this and it comes down to one word: Editing.

Is GoPro editing different from normal video editing?

As with other video editing, GoPro editing is done through the use of video editing software. However, not all software is the same, and because GoPro cameras have the ability to record in HD, you may be dealing with very large video files and will be in need of tools to handle those files and to compress them in a way that makes your viewers able to open them while still retaining quality. Additionally, GoPros are designed to be worn but do not all have a stabilization feature, meaning you will likely need a video editor with a stabilization tool to remove some of the camera unsteadiness that also takes away from the quality of your viewers' experience.

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How to edit GoPro videos

There are several settings on your camera itself that will make it easier for you to edit your videos. Before you even begin recording your footage, you should check the following camera features:

Frame rate: How many frames per second your video has is a major factor in how enjoyable it will be to watch the video. Low light conditions require a lower number of frames per second to let more light on the subject as you video. You can also use a lower frame rate to produce slow-motion videos, though you should use care in selecting your frames per second to ensure that the trade-off for slow motion isn't choppiness.

Field of view: Your field of view settings control how wide the angle of your video is. The smaller your FOV setting is, the more zoomed-in your video will appear. GoPro has three fields of view settings, including Ultrawide (170 degrees FOV), Medium (127 degrees FOV), or Narrow (90 degrees FOV).

Since you own a GoPro, you are likely aware that there is a GoPro app for Android and iOS where you can do a quick, simple edit to share your video adventures with the world. This app is good if you're in a hurry or you're just learning about the camera. However, to make your GoPro video as crisp and professional as the ones you have seen online, you need good editing software, such as that provided by VideoStudio.

Edit a GoPro video in video studio by using the following steps:

  1. Trim or crop your video to offer only a portion of the video. This is often necessary when sharing the video by email or on social media due to limitations on the shareable materials' file sizes.
  2. Zoom. If you wish to highlight one scene in the video, there is a tool to do so. Zooming in and out on a static object often creates a sense of motion that keeps the video dynamic.
  3. Rotate. If you accidentally recorded your video sideways, you can correct that through the software.
  4. Stabilize. As previously mentioned, GoPros do not come standard with a strong stabilization mechanism. Shaky video is hard to watch, but VideoStudio has a tool to correct camera shakiness.
  5. Add video effects, such as fade in/ fade out, play speed, dissolve, slow motion, and much more.
  6. Add background music to set the tone for your video.

VideoStudio can help

The VideoStudio family of products is stronger now than ever before, allowing GoPro users to edit their videos with ease and create a high quality end result from a variety of devices and platforms.

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