GoPro Video Editor: Choosing Best Video Editing Software for GoPro

GoPro videos allow you to provide videos of countless activities from a first-person perspective. You can collect video footage while wearing your device or post it on a tripod for a more professional-quality video. Once you're finished capturing your video, however, the editing begins. 

What is GoPro video software?

GoPro cameras are action cameras. They help free up the user's hands and allow them to participate in the moment while still capturing high-quality video. Most of the time, these video cameras are designed for tough use. Users have used them to capture mountain biking experiences, hunting, swimming, white water rafting, and a host of other highly active pastimes. 

GoPro video software helps break down and edit those videos for sharing with others.

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Most of the time, you don't want to share every second of your footage with your viewers. Maybe you had a massive wipeout that you simply don't want everyone to see. Perhaps your errors caused you to use language that you don't want to be televised or shared online. Editing software allows you to erase those moments while sharing the moments you want to share. It can also help break down those clips into smaller portions so that you can pull out the best moments--no need to fast forward.

How to choose the best GoPro video editor

To effectively edit and share your GoPro videos, you need the right editing software. As you choose the best editing software for your GoPro, look for these important elements. 

  1. Select a GoPro video editor that makes cutting easy.

    Chances are, you won't want to share every moment of the videos you've captured. You want editing software that will make it simple to take out a single clip to share or remove clips that you don't want to use in your finished product.

  2. Prioritize video stabilization.

    GoPro videos are often very shaky. You may capture GoPro footage from your personal perspective. Viewed through your eyes in the first place, events may have seemed relatively steady. When you view them through the lens of the camera, however, you may notice blurred images and shaking every time you shifted your head or went over a bump. Video stabilization settings can help create a better overall appearance for your video. 

  3. Make sure your GoPro video editor supports the video formats you need.

    Once you edit your video, how do you want to export it? What format will you use to store it? How will you replay it? Make sure you choose GoPro video editing software that supports the file formats you need. Make sure you consider who you will be sending the video to, including whether you will set it up for online viewing, as well as the format you prefer. 

  4. Take your experience and plans into consideration.

    If you're an expert video editor, you may want to use video editing software that will allow you to add plenty of customization, additional images, and other options. You may want to add voiceover or put in additional graphics that will help highlight or draw attention to certain areas of your video. It would help if you had software that will support those customization options. On the other hand, if you have relatively little experience with video editing, be sure that your GoPro video editing software offers simple and intuitive controls. These features will make it more straightforward to get started posting and sharing your videos as soon as possible.


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