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Have some videos you want to share online? VideoStudio makes it easy to edit your videos for added effect, and then upload the videos straight to Facebook, YouTube and more.

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How to share videos online with Videostudio

  • Step 1 Edit your video in the VideoStudio Timeline
  • Step 2 Trim video, add cool video filters and effects
  • Step 3 When you're done editing, select the Share tab and navigate to the Web button
  • Step 4 Login to your social media account to upload video direct to Facebook, YouTube and more!

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VideoStudio’s powerful sharing options give you more freedom than ever to share videos online through Facebook and other social media.

VideoStudio does more than make it easy to upload your videos

Check out some of the other video editing features in VideoStudio, like video cropping, video filters, video merge, and more! Create high quality videos in a fun and easy to use video editor and make your movies stand out more than ever.

Video Effects Video Effects
Slow Motion Slow Motion Video
Add Subtitles to Video Add Subtitles to Video
Video Trim Video Trim

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