How to Add Music to a Slideshow: The Ultimate Guide

Slideshows are a fantastic addition to wedding or graduation celebrations, memorial services, and a number of other occasions. The right music can take a group of still photos and transform them into a creative work of art. Once you know the process of adding music to still photos to create a professional-quality video experience. Read on for more information about how to add music to a picture slideshow using VideoStudio video editing software.

How to Add Music to a Slideshow

VideoStudio is video editing software that enables you to easily match pictures and photos or even to incorporate videos into your slideshow. Once you have added the photos and videos you plan to use in your slideshow and have applied the proper transitions it is time to add the music. You can do so through the following steps.

  • Add the soundtrack that you chose as background music for the slideshow to VideoStudio, or select a soundtrack from VideoStudio's extensive music library. 
  • Test how the music flows with the pictures by simply pressing the play button.
  • Enable fade in and fade out effects at the beginning and the ending of the video.
  • Adjust the length of your music through the auto trim function.
  • Save the video in your favorite format on your local drive, or share it on your social media platforms.

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Things to Consider When Selecting Your Music

The musical selection that plays with your video will often set the tone for how your viewers feel when they are watching it. Consider these tips when choosing music for your slideshow.

  • Choose the song before you even begin the project. It is a lot easier to adapt images to the length of an audio file that you have already selected than to try and find a song that fits the length and pace of your project.
  • Determine what the role of the slideshow is and how the music can convey your message. For example, if you are making a slideshow for a memorial service, perhaps you would choose a song that had special meaning to the deceased or has inspirational lyrics that will remind viewers of the individual who has passed.
  • Consider your audience. Selecting the best soundtrack to allow your slideshow to truly move the people who view it, consider who those people are and the genre of music they would most appreciate or that would best fit with the images you have selected to feature in your slideshow.
  • Determine your budget for the project. Often, you are required to pay a fee in order to use copyrighted work. Explore royalty-free music options online or even music that is provided under a creative commons license. You can also find a wide array of musical selections built into the VideoStudio software that you are welcome to use for your project.

How VideoStudio Can Help

Corel's VideoStudio allows you to easily and enjoyably create slideshows and videos that look like they have been professionally made. Through VideoStudio, you can access a wide selection of intuitive tools, a library of images and music that you can use. Make your slideshows in a matter of minutes by using one of our pre-designed templates, and apply creative features and other effects for a one-of-a-kind slideshow experience. Save your videos to your PC, to a thumb drive, or easily export them to share on other platforms. Take VideoStudio for a test spin with a free trial and see how easy it is to capture your memories and set them to music.

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