How to Make a Slideshow: The Ultimate Guide

Great memories are stored in your photo collection. While a photo gallery is a traditional way to view your photos, it is based on physical photo albums' antiquated technology. For a long time now, modern technology has allowed us a way to view our photo collections with less friction. Slideshows let you view all your images without scrolling through galleries of flipping through pages. You've seen photo slideshows all over the internet, but how do you go about making one of your own?

What is a slideshow?

Before we tell you how to make a slideshow, let's make sure we are all on the same page about exactly what a slideshow is. In general, a slideshow is anything that loops through a collection of photos so that you can view them. It could be controlled by a person operating a slide projector, JavaScript code on a web page, or via video technology. The latter is what we'll be talking about, as it is the most practical way to create a slideshow for personal use.

How to make a slideshow

Now that we know that we're talking about the same thing, we can get started on how to make a slideshow. Because we'll be using video, you'll be able to add audio to your picture slideshow. After we are done telling you what you need to know about the basics of creating a video slideshow, we'll tell you how to make a slideshow with music.

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Slideshow maker

Since we've established that we'll be using video to create our slideshow, you might have also figured out that we'll be using a video editor to do so. There are some great programs out there that only create a slideshow and then export the results to a video file that you can share with friends and family. Because they output video, these are still technically video editors.

Suppose you know how to make a photo slideshow in a slideshow program. In that case, you'll be able to easily create one in a full-fledged video editor like VideoStudio as well, so don't feel like you need to go with the more simplistic software in order to reduce the learning curve. In both types of software, you'll simply need to import the images into the program, which is usually as easy as dragging and dropping them in. You'll then drag and drop those images into the timeline to place them in the order that you want. 

After setting the length of time you want each picture to show and applying any transitions you'd like to add, you'll be ready to export your slideshow as a video file. As simple as that, you now know how to create a slideshow.

Instagram slideshow

Instagram allows videos on their site, so you'll be able to create your slideshow as a video and share it to Instagram easily. It is important to note while creating your video, though, that the website has a time limit of 15 seconds per video posted as a story and 60 seconds for those posted on your profile.

Facebook Slideshow

You can create a slideshow directly in the Facebook app using Facebook Slideshow. When you choose to share a photo, you'll see a button that allows you to create a slideshow. Tapping that will prompt you to upload the photos you want to include in your photo slideshow. You can even add music with the tool. When you are done, hit the share button to share the video on your timeline.

How to make a slideshow on TikTok

Although you can use a video editor to create a slideshow for TikTok, you don't need to. TikTok has slideshow functionality built-in. To create one, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the + button in the center of the lower part of the screen.
  2. Tap on templates on the lower part of the screen and select a template for your slideshow.
  3. Upload the photos that you'd like to add.
  4. Click OK to create the slideshow and use the editing tools at the bottom of the screen to add effect.

How to add music to a slideshow

So, you know how to make a picture slideshow, but how do you create a slideshow with music? Some cheaper slideshow only software might not give you the option, but most of them well. All video editors will have this option as well. Just like adding pictures to your slideshow, making a slideshow with music is easy. Alongside the video track, you'll see an audio track. You can simply import your music into your video editor and then drag and drop it into the desired audio track. 


Slideshows are a fun way to share memories, and tools like VideoStudio allow you to create them with very little learning curve. You'll also get much more utility out of a good video editor, so you'll be able to share great videos alongside those slideshows. 

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