Instagram Video Format: The Best Video Format for Instagram

The Instagram mobile app makes it easy to film and upload videos from your mobile device to your Instagram post feed or Stories. Still, in some cases, you may want to upload videos recorded elsewhere using various formats.

Before you can upload a video to Instagram, you have to make sure it's using a compatible Instagram video format, among other specifications. However, you might be asking, "What video format does Instagram use?"

Here we'll go over the different video formats that Instagram uses and how you can convert video to Instagram format if you're working with otherwise incompatible files.

What file formats does Instagram use?

Generally, the video file format that Instagram videos use is MP4. This is the best video format for Instagram due to its consistent quality and compatibility with most devices, including smartphones and desktops. In addition to the MP4 file format, your Instagram video format should have the following specs:

  • aside class="side-links hidden-xs"H.264 video codec
  • aside class="side-links hidden-xs"3500 kbps bitrate
  • aside class="side-links hidden-xs"AAC audio
  • aside class="side-links hidden-xs"30 fps frame rate

Also, keep in mind the limitations in place for Instagram videos. Your video shouldn't be any longer than one minute unless you post a video on IGTV. Your videos' maximum width should also be no wider than 1080px, with a maximum height of 920px. With this formatting, you should be able to upload your video to Instagram or IGTV without issue.

How to convert video to Instagram format

Depending on what software you use to create your Instagram video, it may not automatically save your device in MP4 format before uploading it to Instagram. If you're using video editing software to produce or edit your videos, you can often save your videos in the MP4 format with the specifications mentioned above. However, if you're working with a raw video file and want to convert it before uploading, you can also use a video converter application. VideoStudio offers convenient file conversion functions.

Many video converters out there are free and easy to use, and there are both downloadable applications and browser-based converters available. Depending on additional needs, many converters also feature editing capabilities and other more advanced features. You can fully customize your video file with the right converter to prepare it for uploading on Instagram.

Find the ideal converter

Whether you want to edit your videos before saving them as MP4 files or want to convert an existing file to the proper format, there's software available to help you meet these requirements. Suppose you want more control over your Instagram videos. In that case, editing software is often best to use as it can provide you with many filters, transitions, and trimming options that you won't find simply using the Instagram app. And while some online converters also include editing features, you're often better off working through a video editor that enables you to save MP4s if you want to customize your videos fully.

Otherwise, if you want to convert your videos to the right format and make minimal changes to other specifications, you may be okay with using a basic online or desktop video converter. It's important to practice care when looking for downloadable video converters, as some may also install malware or other malicious software on your computer. The best policy is to do your research and compare different features to find the converter that's a good fit for you.


With the right software, you can easily save videos as properly formatted MP4s or convert your existing library to the desired file format. You can then rely on this software to simplify the video production and uploading process when posting on your Instagram feeds, Stories, or IGTV.

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