How to Add Music to Instagram Video: The Complete Guide

Sometimes, the perfect soundtrack can enhance Instagram videos, add emotional weight, and help audiences connect with them on an even deeper level.

Thankfully, there are several easy ways to overlay any music you want before uploading your videos to the platform. If you wish to add music to Instagram video Posts or Stories, there are plenty of tools available to help you create the ideal soundtrack.

Here we'll go over how to add music to a video on Instagram using the app, along with ways to add music using third-party software.

How to add music to Instagram video

Using the Instagram Stories feature on Instagram, you can add audio to videos or photos within the Instagram app. While you can't currently add music to video posts and feeds directly from the app, there are workarounds using other apps to help you achieve this.

How to add music to an Instagram Story video

Instagram Stories makes it easy to add the music of your choice to any video before uploading. All you need to do is record your videos using the Instagram Stories element in the app. Tap on the smiley face icon located at the top of the screen, which will take you to Stories.

You can then tap on "Music" and select the song you want to add from the list. Stories make it even easier for you to add music by showing you the lyrics, enabling you to select the specific part of the song you would like to play, along with the specific font and color or the lyric text. You can also choose to display the album cover instead of lyrics.

Once you've added the music you want to serve as the soundtrack to your video, you can then post it to your Instagram Stories. If you're going to upload the video to your feed with music, you will need to save the video once posted on Stories and upload it separately to your feed. However, there are other ways to add music to your videos to share them on your regular feed.

How to add music to an Instagram video post

As we mentioned, you can save videos after posting them on Stories and upload them to your feed from there. You can still use other software to edit your videos, eliminating the need to upload to Stories entirely.

Using the right video editing software such as VideoStudio, you can easily add music from your library to your videos without relying on the music available on Instagram Stories, which may limit your options. Third-party editing software not only allows you to add music to your videos, but you can also edit your videos in several other ways to create the perfect clip. You can trim your videos, add effects, and use transitions that you won't have access to using the Instagram app alone.

Once you've edited your video using your editing software, you can upload the video to your feed directly from your desktop or save it to your mobile device and upload it from there. Ultimately, if you want more control over the soundtrack along with a host of other editing features, third-party editing software is often better for creating fully customized Instagram videos.


Whether you choose to add music to your Instagram videos via Instagram Stories or third-party editing software, there are many ways to use music to create emotionally evocative videos. If you want more basic editing functions, the native Instagram app is easy to use, while software like VideoStudio can help you edit every aspect of your videos for additional control.

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