With each advancement, the iPhone video camera has quickly become one of the preferred options for amateur and professional filmmakers. Having the ability to edit videos directly on your iPhone makes it an even more appealing alternative to the standard video camera. However, with so many iPhone video editor apps available, it's difficult to know which application meets your unique needs. If you're not sure which video editing app is best for your filmmaking endeavor, the guide provided below will point you in the right direction. And click here for a guide on editing videos on an iPad.

What is an iPhone video editor?

The degree of editing available on an iPhone app differs greatly from one application to the next. Most iPhone video editors at least allow you to rearrange, delete, or add segments to your movie. This basic feature can usually be found in free iPhone video editing apps as well as in pricier applications. Certain editors also have the ability to add music, sound effects, titles, and transitions, and even speed up or slow down video playback. However, there may be an added fee for these features. Other available iPhone video editors have the capability to layer styles and effects on your video clips. At the end of the day, which editing app you choose will depend on what type of video you are trying to create.

Advantages of using video editing apps for iPhone

  • Many of the videos shot on an iPhone are used for social media purposes, such as Instagram or TikTok. Having a video editing app that allows you to manipulate your movies directly on your smartphone makes posting on your social media a much more efficient process.
  • If you're looking for an app that provides basic editing features, you can easily find a free iPhone editing app in the app store. However, if intrusive ads aren't your thing, you may want to consider purchasing a more expensive editing app instead.
  • Whether you're a casual filmmaker or creating movies is your job, editing your movies on your iPhone allows you to share your creations instantly by either texting them, emailing them, or posting them on your social media.
  • Not having to transfer your movie from one device to another is also beneficial for multiple reasons. The biggest being lost footage due to a memory card error.

Why you may want something a little more powerful

While iPhone video editors are great for editing your shorter movies, video editing software like VideoStudio, provides a more powerful punch, which is often needed for larger, more complicated projects. However, the versatility of movie editing software makes it perfect for your everyday home movies as well.

Although iPhone editors are convenient, they rarely possess the extensive features found in movie editing software. For example, video masking, which allows you to apply effects to a specific area or section of video clip. Using the masking tool, you can create many different types of edits in your movie, such as, removing an object from a clip or color correcting a targeted area.

Video stabilization, fast and slow motion effects, split screen editing and stop motion animation are just a few more features that make video editing software a more proficient and capable editing tool.

Using movie editing software also allows you to save your project in multiple formats, meaning you can export your film to a variety of platforms or you can choose to burn your movie onto a disc if needed.

Movie editing, whether done on an iPhone editing app or with movie editing software, lets you create and tell your story the way you've imagined it. While an editing app on your iPhone provides basic tools that can be used on the go, video editing software supplies extensive editing tools that can help you craft a movie that will exceed your greatest expectations.

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