The year was 2007 when a man named Steve Jobs introduced the world to a device known as the iPhone. It was a near instant smashing success, and the company continues to sell millions of iPhone units to the public each year with each new upgrade. Given that many people are carrying these devices around in their pockets, it is hardly a surprise that a lot of people would like to know how to do some basic things such as speed up the playback on videos on the iPhone device. We have the answers for you.

Can you speed up video on an iPhone?

It is a fair question to ask if it is even possible to speed up the video playback speed on an iPhone. Most users simply retain the default settings on their device and do not realize that they have the ability to customize those settings to their specific preferences and needs. Thus, the ability to speed up the playback speed of the iPhone is indeed something worth taking note of. The bottom line answer here is that, yes, it is possible to speed up that video.

How to speed up video on an iPhone

The iMovie function on the iPhone is the most likely way that a person will speed up the video playback on their device according to Business Insider. A user who is doing some video work within the iMovie function will see that they are able to up the speed of the playback on their videos by simply tapping on the speed button at the bottom of the video that they are watching. This will pull up a yellow scale feature that the user can slide to adjust the playback speed of their movie. They can choose to increase that playback speed, but they may also churn it down some depending on what their specific needs are for their viewing experience at that time. There are also other apps to check out for more features and control over your videos.

Use VideoStudio to speed up your videos

It is all fine and good to try to use the features that the iPhone provides to you internally to speed up videos that you view, but understand that this does not mean that it is the best way to get this done. For one thing, the iMovie function works only within that specific set of internal functions in the iPhone. This is not the case with the VideoStudio computer software. This software provides enormous value to those who are looking to make or view movies faster or slower.

Many movie creators have found a lot of value in it because there are certain types of movies that are best shown at varying speeds. Some things captured on video are best slowed down to allow the viewer to get a better idea of exactly what it is that they are looking at. After all, sometimes the human mind simply has trouble keeping up with exactly all that it is trying to take in when the action is happening rapidly. Video makers lean in heavily on VideoStudio to give them the tools they need to create videos that are perfect for the viewing pleasure of the public. 


The iPhone is a revolutionary invention that has changed more aspects of human life than it is possible to count. It still certainly has some drawbacks to it, but the ability to create outstanding videos that the public can enjoy is something worth celebrating. It is only because of the high quality cameras and the number of people carrying them around that society has gotten to play witness to some of humanity's greatest videos. But tools like VideoStudio make that experience even more fulfilling.

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