Whether you are creating a personal ad or an entertainment video, there are a lot of reasons that you'd need to combine videos on your iPhone. As you choose the method you'll use to merge the videos on your iPhone, you need to know how to combine them and have the result in mind. You'll also need some basic editing skills.

Can you combine videos on your iPhone?

Short answer, yes. There are tons of apps that you can use to merge videos on your iPhone. Each app is different and will produce different results. You need to know about the app before purchasing and downloading it. You can get lots of valuable information from user reviews and from the app developers' websites if they have one.

Before you start merging videos on your iPhone, you should scout around for the right app to use. It is possible to quickly and easily combine two videos on your iPhone using a decent video editing app.

How to merge videos on iPhone

There are a lot of ways to combine the videos on your iPhone, depending on the type of app you choose to use. Here are some basic steps you should use.

Choose the app you want and install it on your iPhone

The first step in merging videos on your iPhone is to choose an app and install it on your iPhone. It is important to figure out whether the app can deliver the results you want before installing it on your iPhone. You can do this by checking out the app's reviews and advertised features to know whether it has the tools you need.

Export videos to the app

The next step to merging videos on your iPhone is to export the videos you intend to combine to your installed app. Depending on the app, you can either choose the videos from your iPhone's memory or get the videos from the internet and export them directly to the editing app. If you have chosen a good-quality app, it should allow you to export more than two videos.

Explore the app tools to find the merging function

As you learn how to use the app, it should have a merging function for it to be useful to you. After you export the videos you intend to combine, you should browse the apps for the tools that it has and figure out what they do. This will help you get a genuine feel of the app and at this point, you can decide whether the app is for you or if you need to install another one.

When you do find the merging function and you know how to use it, you can go ahead and combine your videos.

Trim and edit the merged video

After you are sure that the app is what you need, and you have merged the videos, you'll need to trim and edit your newly merged video. This includes adding background music, transitions, and special effects. After this final step, you should have the result that you desire.

Use VideoStudio to combine your videos

As an alternative to using an app to merge the videos in your iPhone, you can use VideoStudio, which is a video editing software. VideoStudio is a high-quality video editing software that can help you merge and edit your iPhone videos. It will require you to export your videos to a computer, but the overall result will be much better than combining them on your iPhone.


You can merge your iPhone videos, and you only need to know how to combine them and choose the best app to complete your job.

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