Music can be an intriguing addition to your videos. It can draw the attention of your audience and increase your followers on social media. Music also creates your desired ambiance and can ignite the viewers' emotions based on your choice of tunes. If you need to add music to the videos on your iPhone, then this information is for you.

Can you add music to a video on your iPhone?

Short answer, yes you can. Adding music to a video on your iPhone doesn't necessarily require you to have any advanced editing skills. You can do this using a video editing app and there are tons of these on the Apple Store. You need to have an idea of the kind of app you need before buying and installing anything on your iPhone.

You can get some valuable information about an app before installing it from the app developers' blog/website and from user reviews. These sources can give you an idea of the app's features and user interface.

How to add music to a video on iPhone

Below are some vital steps you need to follow to add music to a video on your iPhone.

Choose and install the right app

This is the first step in getting that perfect music video on your iPhone. You need to research as many video editing apps as possible before you settle on one. A good editing app should be able to help you add music to your video and do some other cool editing functions. It should also be compatible with your iPhone.

You can get tons of valuable app information by checking authentic user reviews. These will help you see people's honest opinions about an app before buying and installing it.

Upload videos to the app

Once you have settled on the right video editing app to use, you can upload the video you wish to tweak to the app. You can either get the video from your iPhone or download one from the internet.

At this point, you can get firsthand experience of the app you've just installed. If it doesn't have the background music function, you can uninstall it at this point and shop around for another video editing app.

Choose your desired tune

You should choose a tune that is in sync with the mood of the video. This will give you the response you want from your viewers. You can also choose more than one tune, depending on the impact you need from your background music.

Merge the background music with your video

Once you have chosen the music, you can now start to merge the tunes with your iPhone videos. A good video editing app should allow you to add more than one tune to a single video and still have enough tools to allow you to merge multiple videos, create transitions and perform a bunch of other neat video editing functions. You should also be able to add other digital filters to enhance your iPhone video.

Save the edited video on your iPhone

After you're done editing, and you've gotten the results you wanted, you should save your footage to your iPhone.

Use VideoStudio to add music to your videos

If you want an expert finish to your video, you should use video editing software to add music to your videos. A software like VideoStudio has advanced tools that can allow you to manipulate the tunes and add effects like vocoder, pitch correctors, noise filters, compressors, and other handy tools. VideoStudio is more advanced than an editing app and will surely bring life to your music video.


Adding music to a video on your iPhone can be pretty cool, and will definitely impress your friends. If you want a professional result for your videos, use video editing software instead.

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