How to Time-Lapse a Video: The Complete Guide

Brilliant filmmakers convert video to time-lapse for stunning and dramatic effect. There is a strategy involved in using this type of cinematography. Audiences do not want to view time-lapse sequences just for the sake of seeing them. They appreciate the beauty and the amazing content but want it to have meaning.

Technology is essential since it allows us to manipulate time. We can showcase natural processes that would otherwise take too much time to reveal in a single shot through it. It is also used for stretching out very short processes to comprehend them. Knowing how to time-lapse a video increases viewer engagement, and it is not just for creating dozens of snappy mini travelogues. It can reveal the world to us from a completely new perspective and inspire us to consider our relationship to it.

When you get an inkling to turn video into time-lapse, think before you jump! Yes, it might be a cool shot, but how will it enhance the message in your video and tell your story in a more noteworthy way? You can learn how to technically set up a time-lapse shot, but how will you incorporate the segment into your overarching theme? Your audience needs to know how it will affect them as human beings.

Can You Make Any Video into a Time-lapse?

If you are an avid videographer, perhaps you have recently invested in a tripod and equipment for controlling time-lapse sequences. This is practical, but what about all the other fantastic videos you have filmed of sunrises, sunsets, and the moving constellations in the night sky? You might be wondering how to make a video into a timelapse — one that you have already filmed. Fortunately, the answer is "yes"!

What You Need to Convert Time-Lapse Video

You are going to need a desktop or a laptop computer that can process large amounts of data. A smartphone generally is not equipped for the job. In the long run, your computer will give you the greatest control over editing the video content.

You will also need video production software compatible with your computer. This type of software program gives you the option to create time-lapse segments from your existing video. The software you choose must be robust enough to give the comprehensive control required to render the final product.

How to Turn Video into Time-lapse

The average attention span for viewing media is 8 seconds. That expands to 15 seconds when watching a video. Content is more readily absorbed when supplied in small packages. Time-lapse is an ideal strategy for sharing information and delivering a message; plus, it is eye-catching. There are a few simple steps involved in converting to time-lapse:

  1. Import your existing video into your editing program.
  2. Increase the speed of the video with the re-timing tools.
  3. Take advantage of features such as timing calculators.
  4. Review the segment and modify it further to add more engaging effects.

Can You Slow Down a Time-lapse Video?

You can slow down a video filmed in time-lapse mode after you import the clip to your video editing software and use the re-timing tools to slow it down to your desired speed.

Lasting Impressions

Time-lapse segments in your video are a great way to spark your viewers' curiosity and leave them awestruck. It spices up your content in a way that leaves a lasting impression. They are rising in popularity as an attention-grabbing format for delivering a message. Knowing how to turn a video into a timelapse can help you reinforce your brand and culture or create epically entertaining storylines.

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