Time-Lapse Video Maker: A Guide to Choosing a Time Lapse Editor

Time-lapse video can help display the changing elements of your video over time. A time-lapse segment is an excellent way to show the stages of dramatic change: the change in someone's look throughout a makeover or weight loss, the growth of a plant, or the work that goes on when transforming a home, for example. To create the best possible time-lapse video, however, you want to make sure you have the right software to achieve your goals.

What is Time-Lapse Video?

Time-lapse video shows a series of frames in a much shorter period of time than the time needed to capture those images. With a time-lapse video, you can clearly show the progression of a change, especially one that has taken place over a long period of time. Often, time-lapse video is used to show the changes in a home or garden during construction; or to show changes in a person as they progress through the stages of a journey.

Effective time-lapse video is a great way to highlight particular elements: changing seasons or shifts in your target over time. It helps condense a long journey down into a few frames in a highly powerful and effective way.

How to Choose a Time-lapse Maker

When creating a time-lapse video, you want to make sure you have the right software on hand for your needs. The ideal time-lapse video software may contain several key elements.

1. Allows you to easily import photos into your video.

Frequently, you will not have video of the entire time-lapse process. You may, instead, want to put in photos: images you know were captured in the same spot, where you can best show the passage of time. Look for a time-lapse video maker that will allow you to easily import photos alongside the rest of your video content.

2. Makes it simple to condense video or pull out a few frames.

You may use time-lapse video to show more than just a few still frames as you move through the process with your viewers. For example, if showing a construction project, you might capture video footage of the entire construction process but want to show only a few time-lapse images of the process along the way. Your ideal time-lapse maker should include options to condense that footage or pull out a few specific images as you create your video.

3. Has a simple, intuitive interface.

Creating videos is an art form. Learning how to do it takes skill and patience all on its own. As you learn how to make the most of your videos, you want video editing software that is simple, easy to use, and relatively intuitive. Look for software that shows you examples, clearly explains its functions, and uses easy-to-understand language to identify its features.

4. Offers the other features you need.

What specific features do you want from your video editing software? Do you want to be able to easily add text or extra images alongside your video footage? Do you want to be able to add music or voice-over content? Make sure your video editing software makes it easy to add those elements.


Creating time-lapse videos is a great way to showcase a variety of changes over time. Those segments often tie together a longer section or piece of work in a highly effective way. VideoStudio can help you achieve your video editing goals, including creating stunning time-lapse segments or entire videos. Download a free trial today.

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