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Video Stabilization: Eliminate Video Shaking and Vibration

Shooting video can be exhilarating and challenging all at the same time. You’re focused on capturing a special moment, a family event or an extreme sport, and in the midst of all the movement and excitement, there is often shaking or vibration in your final recorded footage. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution: video stabilization in VideoStudio Ultimate.

Video stabilization essentially takes the unwanted jitters and blurriness that are captured in an action-packed video and provides a cleaner, smoother end result. In addition, you can chose from several different video stabilization options to get the job done.

Computer Software for Video Stabilization

With an expansive video market, there are plenty of options available for solving the issue of shaky footage. Here’s a simplified overview of how the software works:

  1. Install the video stabilization software, VideoStudio Ultimate
  2. Add video footage to your desktop
  3. Choose a stabilization feature or tool
  4. Save your updated video
  5. Export your revised video to the format of your choice
  6. Start sharing and enjoying your stabilized video!

See the Benefits of VideoStudio Ultimate

proDAD Mercalli SE feature

Using the proDAD Mercalli SE feature in VideoStudio Ultimate, you’ll get video stabilization capabilities that ensure rock-steady video, no matter how fast the action. Rolling-shutter compensation removes wobble and skew that’s caused when panning. (NOTE: The ProDAD Mercalli camera stabilizer plugin is only included in the full version of Videostudio Ultimate - Not the trial)

How to Use VideoStudio Ultimate to Stabilize Video

Using a stabilization filter, such as the proDAD Mercalli SE, can do a lot for minimizing bounce and shake in video footage. (NOTE: The VideoStudio trial versions do not include the video stabilizer feature). This tutorial will show you how to use the proDAD Mercalli SE stabilization filter for VideoStudio Ultimate. In this helpful tutorial, you will learn how to:

Watch tutorial:

Here are some additional video stabilization tutorials:

Advantages of Video Stabilization Software VS. Hardware

As our technology and knowledge continue to expand, we are given an abundance of choices for capturing video, be it a video camera, smart phone or tablet. Once you’ve recorded what you’ve wanted, you must now figure out the best way to transfer your video onto a desktop or laptop for video editing, special effects and sharing.

In addition to the sound, lighting and picture quality, you’ll want to ensure your video has the professional quality and stabilization you need. Do you want to stabilize your video using premium video editing software, such as VideoStudio Ultimate, or use hardware options, such as tripods, grips or stands?

From a hardware perspective, you’ll need to purchase additional equipment based on the source you are using for capturing your video. For example, if you’re shooting with a smart phone and want to eliminate the video shaking, many users opt for a mobile tripod or a moveable mount. Accessories such as these are typically product-specific, meaning you’ll need a mount for your smartphone and a separate tripod for your traditional camera which are added expenses to your video project.

Stabilization software can bring the much-needed stability you need to any video that was captured on a variety of equipment. Best of all, you’ll only need one software solution that works with different methods of video capture. In addition to video stabilization, take a look at the many benefits you’ll get from VideoStudio Ultimate:

  • proDAD Mercalli SE video stabilization
  • Multi-camera video editor
  • NewBlue FX Motion Effects
  • Freeze frame
  • Easy fades and transitions
  • Stop motion
  • MXF (XAVC) Import
  • HEVC Import and Export
  • Ultra HD (4K) video support
  • SD card output

Best of all, you can seamlessly import your video from a variety of sources, such as a smart phone, tablet, camera and more all with one complete and affordable software solution! Live Life. Make Movies.