YouTube is an incredible platform for finding an audience for your videos. There’s an abundance of users searching out new and exciting stories all the time, and setting up a YouTube channel can be creatively rewarding. But even if you’re not planning on creating an audience through YouTube, it’s still an excellent place to host your videos, and you can share them via embedded links.

What does it mean to embed a YouTube video?

Embedding a YouTube video means inserting it into another platform such as a website or presentation so that viewers can watch the video without being sent to YouTube. It essentially takes advantage of the YouTube video player without the risk that someone will get distracted and not return to the content you want them to explore.

One way to do this is to embed your brand video on your website. This might be an overview video of what your business does, a peek behind the scenes, an interview with staff — any kind of content relevant to your business that could be of interest to people exploring your website. But rather than directing them to your YouTube page you could embed those videos directly onto the web pages. You won’t have to worry about storage or data because YouTube handles all of that, but the YouTube player frame will sit neatly among other content on the web page.

How to embed a YouTube video

How you embed a YouTube video depends on what platform you are embedding it in. If you want to embed a YouTube video on a website, you’ll likely need the embed code of the video. Head to YouTube and navigate to the video you want to embed on the site. Underneath the player, click on ‘Share’. This will bring up a box which should include the embed code, which is a string of HTML for you to copy. Simply paste it into the page of your site in the place you want it and the video should appear on the page.

If you want to embed your video in a document like a PowerPoint presentation, the platform you are using will have tools that vary slightly. The chances are that it will be some variant of inserting media. Simply go to Insert > Video > Online Video, then enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to embed. The player should then appear in the slide for you to resize and move around as you like. Audiences will then be able to watch the video directly in the page without having to navigate away from the presentation.

Use VideoStudio Pro to edit your videos

Whether you are embedding videos on your site, in a document, or just want to build up your YouTube channel with great content, taking advantage of professional video editing software will make your videos stand out. By using software like VideoStudio Pro, not only do you have access to the fundamentals of video editing like clipping and trimming, but you can also add transitions and effects, music, animated motion graphics, and color filters to really make your footage pop.

Embed YouTube videos to hold your audience's attention

YouTube is a great tool for building audiences and elevating your content, but also for practically sharing your videos in other media. Embedding YouTube videos on websites and in presentations means you can share the same link to a video widely without ever having to navigate to the YouTube website. It makes things easy for your audience and easy for you.

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