Video Camera Light: Advantages of on Camera Lighting

While you can achieve many effects with off-camera lighting equipment, there are many ways to use a video camera light to create the ideal lighting in any scene. If you want to save money and shoot great-looking shots without the need for costly equipment, on-camera lighting can give you plenty of options. When deciding whether to purchase on-camera or off-camera lighting, there are some differences to keep in mind and some advantages to consider.

On-camera lighting vs. off-camera

Off-camera lighting is often used to film scenes, with many light fixtures available to provide plenty of illumination and nuanced lighting either indoors or outdoors. On-camera lighting, however, is lighting that's fixed to the camera to potentially contribute more versatility. While off-camera lighting can be useful in many settings to create high-quality lighting, you can get the same or even better results in some cases with on-camera lights while saving money, time, and space.

Many types of on-camera lights for video recording are available for different types of video cameras, including selections of LED lights, webcam lights, lights with multiple colors, large attachments, and smaller mini lights.

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Are there advantages to on-camera?

If you're looking for the best LED lights for video production, on-camera lights are some of the best video lights to use for many applications, depending on what you want to shoot and your available budget.

Easy adjustability

One of the key advantages of using an on-camera light for video recording is the ability to adjust lighting as you film more easily. You need to make physical adjustments to fixtures with off-camera lighting, including your primary or key light, fill lights, and backlights. With an on-camera light functioning as your key light, you can adjust the dimness and move the light more freely to illuminate talent and other subjects. Ultimately, you can save time and energy when using on-camera lighting instead of off-camera equipment.

Less expensive than off-camera options

Off-camera lighting can be costly if you're not relying on natural lighting. Standing LED lights and other more professional lighting fixtures can easily stretch your budget. If you need cheap lighting for video production, you can't go wrong with on-camera lighting attachments. On-camera lighting can save you hundreds, and the added convenience that they provide makes them all the more useful to optimize both convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Increased safety

Off-camera lighting can be hazardous in many cases, especially on enclosed indoor sets. Using fixtures such as construction lights and others can heat up easily, potentially posing a fire hazard if you don't take the proper precautions. If you want to maximize the safety of your shooting locations, on-camera lights are a much safer option that won't heat up or cause injury.

Plenty of options

If you're looking for just the right on-camera video light, you'll be able to find the ideal products based on your needs. Whether you need a larger light or more compact option, multiple colors or a single bright LED light, or lights for a professional video camera or a small GoPro, there are so many choices that balance affordability and quality. Regardless of the type of camera you use, there's an option for every piece of equipment.


Using on-camera lighting and the proper techniques, you can save money while benefiting from quality lighting that helps you produce beautiful-looking footage. Off-camera lighting is good to have in addition to on-camera lighting. Still, if you're working with a limited budget or need a quick, easy lighting solution for your videos, on-camera lighting can give you everything you need.

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