In this digital age of content marketing and all things YouTube, a professional video editing software is simply a must-have. Whether you are shooting videos from your phone or you're an experienced filmmaker, professional video editing software can mean the difference between a basic, amateur-quality video to slick, high-quality footage that appeals to users.

But with all the alleged professional video editing software popping up every day, it can be a bit hard to choose one, especially if you are just entering the scene. To save you time, we have prepared a guide to give insights into looking for a good video editor.

What is a professional video editor?

A professional video editor is a software whose core functionality is editing raw videos by adding various audio and visual effects. It is primarily used during the post-production process combining different footage to produce a professional video.

Such software has played a significant role in reducing professional video editing costs, considering that the original 2'' Quadruplex system cost a whopping $45,000 in 1956, which is around $428,000 in 2021.

In contrast, a modern professional video editor like VideoStudio charges a monthly subscription fee of only $54.99 and is compatible with most home laptops or desktops.

Do you really need professional software?

If you edit videos merely as a hobby, operating systems like Microsoft and Apple include a basic video editor, which is powerful enough to handle most video edits. However, if you are serious about your editing, professional video editing software is of the utmost importance. Sure, the editor provided by your operating system might still get some work done, but they are not nearly as advanced as commercial editors.

VideoStudio, for instance, offers a plethora of features that cannot be found on a basic video editor. These extra features are worth the additional cost because you have access to instant project templates that save energy and time, AR stickers introducing playful moments in your video.

For Ultimate users, they get optimized effects packs from NewBlueFx and real-time corrections to shaky hand-held footage using the enhanced proDAD Mercalli video stabilization tool. The editor is also optimized for the latest video acceleration technologies from NVidia, Intel, and AMD, which lets you enjoy a smoother, faster editing process.

How to choose the best video editor for you 

With so many choices to pick from, the decision about which is the best video editor can become overwhelming. But no worries, we will guide you through the decision-making process by letting you know what factors to keep in mind when comparing different professional video editors.

1. Budget and price

The first factor to consider is your budget; how much are you willing to spend on a video editor? Most software offers a free trial period that lets you get a feel of the software before subscribing. Usually, this is divided into four types of prices.

  • For around $50 -$70, you will get a basic video editor with a limited range of features and output types.
  • From $70 - $150, your subscription will include all features included in the software, especially for personal video edits.
  • From $400 - $500, you'll get video editors consisting of semi-pro or prosumer products that offer dedicated features.
  • Fully professional video editing software ranges from $800 to upwards of $3000

2. Ease of use/ learning curve

Modern video editors offer so many features and tools that it can be intimidating for editors unfamiliar with the software. Therefore, as you begin, it is important to choose a video editor with a simple, intuitive interface design that still grants access to advanced controls and settings. 

That said, you shouldn't dismiss software based on its interface alone. While it might take some getting used to at first, most video editors become easy to use once you get the hang of it. Also, they keep updating their software; therefore, the interface might change over time.

3. Multi-GPGPU Acceleration and Video Format Support

Before purchasing that video editor, it is vital to know the type of video formats it supports and then compare this with the formats you primarily use. Ask yourself, can it support modern video formats like HD, UHD, and 360 videos? This way, you can get a compatible editor that suits all your needs.

The good thing is that most prosumer-level video editors can output in high quality and most common video formats, so you can rest easy knowing that most video editors are compatible.


Professional video editing software is a productive and efficient tool that all video editors should consider. While they come with a small subscription fee, the benefits of using professional software outweigh the cost. In return, you get to save them energy and time while getting high-quality videos for uploading.

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