Most people swear by their smartphones in the modern world, claiming they can do most of the things a computer can do. Well, for editors, one such commonly used feature is the Android video editor. As you may know, having an external editor is critical in this age of video sharing, especially if you intend to garner an online following.

Unfortunately, finding the best video editing app for Android is often a challenging affair. This can be even more difficult if your smartphone runs on low memory. Because of limited memory, most Android video editors have limited features compared to laptops or dedicated tablets. Regardless, some of the best free video editing apps for Android offer decent services.

What is an Android video editor?

An Android video editor is an application that is used to manipulate and arrange different video footage, mostly captured on your Android device or imported from other devices. The process has become effortless over the years, and many platforms offer the service with enhanced features like artificial reality and video stabilization.

How to choose the best video editing app for Android

Most Android phones have a basic video editor that has a few basic features. Your default Android video editor will do basic tasks like cropping and trimming footage. Changing temperatures is also common on high-end Android smartphones.

For this reason, most professional editors prefer subscribing to the more established commercial ones. But how do you know which is the best video maker app among the numbers?

Here are some features that you should consider before making the final choice on a video editor.

Easy to use interface

First and foremost, the app should be easy to use. This means all its tools are well organized, easily accessible with intuitive symbols. Given the number of tools required for video editing, it can be hard to find what you need at the moment if all the tools are scattered. On the other hand, an app with tools close to one another has a high chance of messing up your work. Your best bet would be an app with a neatly organized interface that you can use comfortably without the risk of destroying your whole clip.

Soundtracks, music, and special effects

This is a must-have feature for video app Android editors. Some of the best Android editors include various effects such as blur, although they tend to come at an extra fee. Soundtracks and music add a professional theme to your footage, but like the special effects, they will cost extra.

Audio and Hue control

Hue control controls the temperature or lighting of the video. Typically, blue depicts cooler temperatures, and red indicates the opposite. Hue control is crucial in setting the video's mood, and when incorporated with audio controls, they produce high-quality professional videos.

Cloud storage and sharing of videos

Social media sharing of videos is what has been behind the growth of video editor apps today. For this reason, the best video editors are ones with an easy sharing process, allowing for seamless uploading of edited videos to various social media platforms.

Once you’ve selected your editor, here is a guide on how to use an Android video editor.

Why download and edit on desktop

Although mobile video editors are preferred because of their convenience, they pale in comparison to any robust desktop versions. Superior in almost every aspect, desktop video editing software is primarily used for professional post-production editing, while Android video editors are mostly for amateur video editors or those who do it as a hobby.

A professional desktop video editor like VideoStudio has more features, even offering tutorials on video editing for beginner or pro video editors. It is even cheaper than their mobile competitors. Here are some of the features found in most desktop video editors that you won't find in mobile editors.

360, 4K, and HD Video Editing

Due to the amount of processing needed for these types of resolutions, Android phones don't possess the minimum requirements needed to edit such videos. However, even on a primary desktop, you can still be able to edit and export videos with ease. 

MultiCam Editor

In VideoStudio, you can edit from four to six cameras at a go, helping you to create engaging videos, record your webcam and screen with the help of MultiCam Capture. You can even plug in the different cameras and preview all of them in one spot.

Instant Project Templates

Desktop video editors have instant project templates that help editors save time by providing them with pre-assembled video projects. They also offer great insight to beginner video editors by teaching components of a movie project.


With premium effects including proDAD and NewBlueFX for video stabilization, desktop video editors prove to be more diverse and robust, offering features that most Android editors cannot. Therefore, if you are really serious about the quality of your videos, you'd be better off going for a desktop video editor like VideoStudio. But if you are just a beginner or just doing editing as a hobby, then an Android video editor should suffice.

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