4k Video Editor: Choosing the Best 4k Video Editor

Whether you want to start a YouTube channel, create the next great indie film, or just want to polish some videos of family and friends, you'll need a good video editor to do the job. With even camera phones capable of 4k video these days, you'll want to make sure that your video editor can handle it as well. While searching for the best 4k video editor for Windows, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Let's discuss them.

What is a 4k video editor?

Unless it's a short clip, you'll likely need to edit your video before you can upload it to YouTube or share it out to social media for the people you care about to see. Sometimes, this simply means trimming the video to logical starting and stopping points. If you want to share a video of your child hitting the game-winning run at their little league game, you don't want to have to also share the whole video. A 4k video editor is a software that will let you make such edits to your video file so it's easier to share.

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But the best 4k video editors can do much more than trim your videos for you. With good software, you can add in title effects or graphic overlays, adjust the color, or even key out a green screen and place yourself into whichever fantasy location you want. A good video editor will let you go from a good video to a great one. That's why it's important that you know what to look for.

What to look for in 4k video software?

Not all video software is created equal. With so many options on the market today, you need to know which types of features are important to have in a video editor. Obviously, if you will be editing 4k video then you need software that has support for 4k, but what other features should you be on the lookout for?  Let's take a look at the features that any video editor worth buying should have:

Basic Editing Features

These are the features that every video editor should have. If they don't support these basic features, you can remove them from your consideration quickly.

  • The ability to cut, trim, and join video clips.
  • The ability to make basic adjustments to the audio and add additional audio tracks.
  • Support for video filters to correct color and make other adjustments. 
  • A nice variety of special effects filters.
  • A good selection of effects to transition between clips.
  • The ability to add titling effects and graphics overlays to your video.
  • The ability to add still images into your video.
  • Support for multiple video tracks and several blend modes between them.
  • Support for basic digital pan and zoom.
  • Support for a wide range of output formats.
  • The ability to upload to video sharing sites.

More Advanced Features

Once your list is narrowed down to those that are at least capable of basic functionality, these are going to be the features that separate the products you should buy from the ones you should skip.

  • The ability to perform more complex animation functions.
  • Video stabilization to reduce camera shake.
  • Time remapping to create slow-motion or fast-motion videos.
  • A plugin system to extend the editor.
  • Support for hardware-accelerated rendering.


If you need a 4k video editor for Windows, we invite you to try VideoStudio. It has all the above features and more, including special tools for stop motion animation and editing 360-degree videos. You can try a free demo version of the software so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use and how well it stacks up to the competition.

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