MultiCam Capture

Webcam & Screen Recorder

MultiCam Capture 2.0 Lite is included with your purchase of VideoStudio.
Upgrade for complete, dynamic editing possibilities.

A webcam and screen recorder? This tool is incredibly powerful and extremely fun to play with.

Create engaging videos, and record your screen and webcam simultaneously with the powers of MultiCam Capture. Easily create how-to videos, unboxing videos, record product demos, and more with one easy-to-use recording software. Plug in your cameras, preview the screens of your connected devices in one place, and press record. When done, your clips are already synced, so it’s easy edit your video and select which angle to show as your video plays with VideoStudio.

MultiCam Capture 2.0 Lite comes with VideoStudio: your powerful, precise video editor.
Capture video


Plug in your cameras to capture video, audio, and record your screen.



Record video and capture synced video & audio from multiple cameras.



Create engaging multi-camera videos with easy to use tools.

Calibrate and capture video

Capture video efficiently

Edit video efficiently

Edit with ease

*Six device MultiCam Editing is exclusive to VideoStudio Ultimate. Edit up to four cameras with VideoStudio Pro.

Get to know the MulitiCam Capture 2.0 workspace

MultiCam Capture workspace

What can you create with MultiCam Capture?

Training videos



Screen recordings

Product reviews

How-to videos


Unboxing videos

What comes included with VideoStudio?


MultiCam Capture 2.0 Lite

Webcam and screen recorder - MultiCam Capture Lite has a two-stream capture maximum.

  • 2-stream capture
  • Webcam video capture
  • Screen recorder
  • Additional camera angle support


MultiCam Capture 2.0

Capture video and record your screen - upgrade to unlock additional camera support and capture multiple angles.

  • Unlimited-stream capture*
  • Webcam video capture
  • Screen recorder
  • Record 2-up areas in one monitor

* Recording more streams require more computer power

Record and edit multiple video streams across myriad devices—with both precision and power. Your creativity knows no bounds with VideoStudio.