How to Change Video Background

With a video background changer, you can transform the background on your videos to look like anything you can dream. Place yourself in a beach paradise, put together a professional-looking office in spite of recording in your bedroom, or imagine a fantasy-based setting and create it: with a few technological hacks, you can figure out how to change video background into anything you can imagine. In order to do it effectively, however, you need to start with the right platform and software.

What is a Video Background Changer?

A video background changer is a software that allows you to transform the background of your videos. Often, you may want to take your videos from the initial image that's actually behind you to something completely unique. Whether you're stuck at home or want to create a video in the great outdoors but don't want some of the natural backgrounds behind you, you can use your video background changer to transform your background. It's perfect for making sure that you have the background you really want for your video, rather than a messy room or one that doesn't meet your expectations.

Some people try to use video background changers without utilizing a green screen. While this strategy can allow you to alter or edit your background, you may find that it's harder than starting with a green screen. You may not get the final, professional-quality effect you're looking for if you start with a normal background, then try to transform it using your video background changing software later.

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How to Change a Video Background

Ideally, changing a video background starts by recognizing before you start recording that you intend to change the background of your video. Start by shooting in front of a green screen: a special, traditionally green-colored screen designed to operate with your software. In general, the chroma key will allow you to pick up any solid-colored background and easily edit it out of the background or replace it with something else. It doesn't matter what color screen you choose. Using a bright, lurid color, however, will allow you to easily and safely remove that color from your background without compromising the other colors or designs in your video. Make sure that your clothing and accessories do not match the color of your green screen since you could end up inadvertently removing more than you intended from the screen if you do not pay attention to those key details.

Chroma key in your video editing software is designed to pick up a solid-color background and remove it from your image. This, in turn, will allow you to add in the content that you really want in your background. Click the background editing option in your video editing software and tell it to remove the green-screen background. Then, add in the background that you actually want to use for your video, either from a pre-selected template or from your own creation. Take a look at the video to make sure that your recorded self interacts seamlessly with the area around you and that you haven't ended up with missing content due to removing a specific color from the background.


Changing video backgrounds is a great way to transform your video, taking you to locations you might never be able to travel with a few clicks of a button. VideoStudio can help transform your backgrounds and your videos, allowing you to create a seamless final product that will transport your audience to your desired destination. Check out our software options today to start editing and producing your videos anywhere while still filling in the details and backgrounds you've imagined.

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