In this modern age, video advertisement has become a crucial part of any marketing efforts. With everything moving online, you have to use videos to attract new clients to your product while retaining the current ones.

But not just any basic video will suffice. To capture the attention of viewers, the video needs to be incredibly high quality and well-edited, so it better portrays the story. Well, any professional advertisement video maker worth their salt will tell you that this can simply not happen without using professional editing software.

Using dedicated software like VideoStudio, these individuals are able to produce high-quality videos for both professional and personal advertising use.

What is a video advertisement maker?

A video advertisement maker is software used to edit video footage, specifically meant to promote a particular product or service. Most video-making apps also have functionalities that allow you to create a video advertisement from scratch using animation, text, and special effects.

Choosing the best software to create video advertisements

As it stands, there are numerous video editing software available on the market. Which makes it impossible to choose one. To help make the process a little less daunting, we will go through some of the features that make the best advertisement video makers.

Instant Project Templates

One of the most fundamental features you should look for in editing software is whether it has preset templates or not. By providing you with a pre-assembled advertisement project templates can go miles in saving time required to create an advert. Simply pick a template that is close to your idea, then customize it by dragging and dropping your media, replacing the default placeholder clips.

Premium video effects

Professional video editors should also have a ton of effects and filters that you can use to enhance your video. A good example is VideoStudio, which boasts over 1500 creative drag-and-drop filters and effects. Effects such as gradients, texture, and reflections add an overall artistic touch to your advert. You could also add an animated overlay and graphic elements, increasing some depth to your video.

Currently, Artificial Reality stickers are what is trending on social media. It maps facial features to produce silly character eyes and funny glasses. These kinds of filters tend to add flair and attract younger audiences when used in advertisements.

Resize, Rotate, Trim, and Crop videos

These are the most basic functionalities you'll find in almost all video advertisement software. They are also the most fundamental and commonly used by editors. Your software of choice should let you quickly crop, trim, and split the video directly on the timeline. Also, changing the aspect ratio or rotating the video should take only a few clicks.

Video Stabilization

Video stabilization falls under the more premium features of video editors. They are what editors use to stabilize shaky hand-held footage. As a specialized advertisement video maker, you can incorporate different technologies like the enhanced proDAD Mercalli tool. This will save on the time and cost of re-shooting an advertisement video clip.

Color correction and enhancements

Color correction involves adjusting the white balance, hue, and saturation of the video. Using the tool, you can fine-tune the general colors in your video and make them pop out more or less.

On the other hand, enhancement involves boosting colors to brighten dull scenes. By using unique color filters you get to add mood and fantasy to the advertisement videos.

VideoStudio incorporates a specialized tool called LUT profiles. Its primary function is to make it easier to turn day into night or vice versa, thereby recreating more epic movie-esque color schemes. The feature also applies advanced cinematic color effects to your footage instantly, making it a handy tool for a professional advertisement video editor.

Animation Capabilities

As we saw earlier, you don't have to actually shoot videos to create a video advertisement. Instead, creative content creators today use video editors with animation creation technology. Simple animations like stop motion animations only require you to plug in a camera to create.

Professional editors usually use this to create and customize overlays, graphics, shapes, and title movement along a path with flexible controls. 


By now, you've seen just how crucial professional advertisement video-making apps are in the video editing process. They can be just as beneficial to both seasoned and amateur editors.

By choosing a software that qualifies all the requirements listed, you'll be a step closer to achieving a simpler and faster editing process.

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