Video editing is a necessary step to ensure high-quality footage. Depending on the type of editing you choose, it can either be the first or last step in your workflow.  You may want to turn to an online video editor to accomplish the job.

What is an online video editor?

An online video editor is a tool that allows you to have all your editing processes offloaded to remote servers. This process can benefit your editing workflow, depending on the results you want, your skill level, and the type of project. It is important to know what online video editing involves and how it can benefit your editing process. You need to look for a simple online video editor that will make work easy for you.

Advantages of an online video editor

Remote-server processing

One of the biggest benefits of online video editing software is that all the major editing processes and numerical analyses are performed on a remote server. The only responsibility on your part is to upload your video and using the web interface to do the actual editing. All the computer work and rendering are done on the software company's servers.

This means that you can edit your videos comfortably even if your computer has limited storage, processor speed, or RAM. It also saves you money because you don't have to buy a high-end editing machine, and you can work from multiple devices.

Allows remote collaboration

Online video editing software allows multiple people to work on the same video projects. Creating and editing videos online can help you efficiently collaborate with your team members. Online video editors allow you to save all your changes on the cloud and all your colleagues can access the footage and offer helpful tips or even make necessary changes.

You can have your team members work on other footage at the same time and still ensure that you track each other's progress. Online video editors are an asset if your team members live far away from each other because of the cloud-based editing software.

Easier online file management

Since online video editors are cloud-based, they allow you to make and save edits online. This means that you don't have to keep downloading the source media to your computer. Your editing team and clients can easily track the editing progress without having to import and export footage whenever you make changes. This is highly efficient and can save you a lot of space on your computer.

Why you may want a downloaded video editing software

Here are some reasons you need to download offline video editing software instead of an online video editor.

Internet connectivity problems

Online video editing software, however simple, relies on your internet speed and connectivity. The efficiency of your editing is heavily dependent on your internet connectivity. If you or any member of your editing team lives in a place with poor internet quality, it can greatly and negatively impact your editing process because it will take a long time to upload and download footage. Unreliable internet connectivity will cause quality degradation and latency.

Lack of advanced tools

Most online video editing software has only basic functions like trimming, titling, and green screen effects. Such tools cannot compare to the functions offered by downloaded video editors like VideoStudio.


Video editing has come a long way since the invention of motion pictures. There are many easy online video editors that allow you to edit your videos over the internet and save your changes on the cloud. But internet connectivity issues, and limited advanced editing tools, are significant setbacks that would make you prefer a downloaded program.

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