YouTube is arguably the most popular social media video platform on our devices today. It has over 2 billion logged in users each month, with people watching billions of video hours daily. Basically, if you want to get your content out there, you'll have to use it at some point. But if you've watched a few of the millions of videos uploaded there, you'll realize not all videos are created equal.

On the one hand, we have some which boast higher quality pictures, engaging graphics, fun background music, and epic transitions. These ones typically garner a larger following, and gain more views. On the other hand, we have others which are practically raw footage, with hardly any edits made. In most cases, you can barely make out what is being said due to poor sound and disengaging graphics.

So, what sets the two apart? Well, the main secret is the video editing applied. A well-edited YouTube video will instantly capture and maintain the viewer's attention.  In this article, we shall look at how to choose a comprehensive YouTube Editing software that is sure to make your videos stand out.

What is YouTube Editing Software?

YouTube editing software is a tool that helps you tweak or enhance your videos by changing its format and adding extra features. The edits could include simple actions like cropping and resizing to advanced edits like adding animation overlays.

Ideally, you want to hook your viewers during the first 8 seconds; in this fast-paced world, viewers can only afford so much time before clicking the next clip with the catchy click bait. A YouTube editing software is what will give your videos the edge in a sea of videos.

How to choose the best video editing software for YouTube

Editing can make or break a video. As you choose the best video editing software for YouTube, here are the factors to consider. 


Find budget-friendly software that will give you value and stability. Start by understanding what your editing process requires. Typically, the pricier software tend to come with more features. Therefore, if you need commercial quality videos, you might be better off investing a few extra bucks on something more valuable.

Alternatively, if you have basic editing needs, you can start off with free editing software for YouTube including the YouTube Video Editor, and then work your way up. They have user-friendly interfaces and can help you do fast edits. The downside is free software usually only supports a few file formats and may lack some important editing features.


You'll want to get a YouTube editor that you can learn and utilize within a short time. Software that comes with beginner tutorials that can help you navigate its features is a welcome start. As you navigate to advanced themes, you should make use of tutorials about the program as you edit to maximize your time. 

Editing Features

Different editing software offer different video editing features. Naturally, the more the editing features, the better the software. Some common and important features to look out for include audio control, filters, transitions, and video-style templates. Due diligence is required here so you can get software that you can use.

Extra Perks

Advanced editing features can take your YouTube videos to the next level. Some of these features include multi-camera editing and leverage split screen, 360° video editing, smooth rendering, high-quality sound effects, and fast uploads to YouTube. Always check for these extra perks.

Fast Video to YouTube Uploads

Fast uploads to YouTube allow you to keep in touch with your subscribers and new viewers alike. Look out for good video editing software that will provide fast uploads for all your videos with zero delays.

Free Trials

An editing software company that is willing to offer free trials to potential customers is a good nudge to try their product. Test the software on your YouTube videos to get a feel of what they offer.

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Your YouTube videos deserve the best edits to maximize their intended effect on your viewers. Hopefully, you now know what to look out for when getting the best video editor for YouTube. This way, you get to reach the true potential of your creativity and capture your audience with every single video-minute.

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