Creating quality videos involves managing various aspects of the process, including creating scripts, recording, and editing. Without the right tools and know-how, you may find the whole process complex and overwhelming. However, paying attention to details can help you generate incredible transformations, and one critical aspect of that process is the intro.

What is a video intro?

The intro is the first thing viewers see as the video starts. It's often a short title screen or a voiceover with on-screen subtitles or text that explains what the video is all about. The video introduction allows you to make a great first impression. When it comes to video content, it's the first few seconds that greatly influence how viewers feel about your content and set the tone, personality, and expectations.

Why you should use video intros

An intro shows your audience whether there's a higher level of professionalism and dedication invested in creating your videos. It works by reinforcing your brand, creating familiarity, and strengthening your authority on YouTube. Besides, your video intro can act as a narrative resource, particularly for vlogs or videos based on stories or essays.

What makes a great video intro?

When creating a video intro, you shouldn't just slap a title sequence at the start of your video and call it an intro. Instead, you need to make your video intro stand out and deliver what it's meant to provide.

When creating an intro, make it appropriately sized. The best intros fall between 3 to 7-seconds, although some high-performing video intros go up to 20 or 30 seconds. The secret here is to make your intro as short and as long as it needs to be. Test with various lengths to discover what works best for your channel or niche.

How to make a YouTube intro video that converts

Intros may not always be present in YouTube videos, and sometimes, they might be ordered differently. Typically, a good video intro follows the following sequence:

  • Teaser of the outcome: The tease can be either visual with makeup tutorials or verbal, such as "In this video, I will show you…."
  • Branding, such as color overlay or logo
  • Self-introduction
  • Text overlay with your key topic or takeaway

You can play around with the sequence to see what works well for your audience. If you check any video you like on YouTube or other social media channels, you'll find at least one to three of these elements. Combining these elements will make your video intro short, clear, and branded.

Overall, you need to format your sentence to tease the video outcome and make it sound like you, incorporate brand colors, elements, and overlays, introduce yourself in a single sentence, and make your intro shorter and engaging by supplementing parts of your speech with on-screen text.

Once you've integrated all these elements, dig into what makes your intro unique and test different options and combinations to find what works perfectly for your brand. The same principles may apply to IGTV videos, podcasts, and other social media channels.

How to choose a video intro maker

A great video intro maker should give your videos a sizzling start to hook your audience right from the beginning. Always choose a video intro maker with ready-to-edit templates you can tweak to perfection in minutes. And since nailing a perfect intro is a fine art, you may also consider an intro maker that provides an option to start from a blank slate. That way, you can build your custom video from a vast library of animated scenes, stock footage clips, and impressive images.

Now go ahead and create a captivating intro!

Since you've already put so much effort and dedication into your videos, it's time to grab the attention of your new and current viewers with perfect intros. An excellent video intro will make your audience remember you and keep returning to your channel. Now go on and begin to create intros like a pro!

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