How to Make Let's Play Videos: The Complete Guide

If you enjoy playing video games, you may be familiar with the concept of Let's Play videos. Many gamers on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms have become famous for their commentary while playing various games, recording these videos in the form of Let's Play videos that engage and entertain. If you want to make a Let's Play video, there are some steps you can take to get started with the right equipment.

The following guide will help you create your own high-quality Let's Play videos.

What are Let's Play videos?

Let's Play videos are a type of playthrough video that features a person providing commentary as they play a particular video game. The commentary is often humorous and entertaining, but Let's Play videos can also be critical in nature as pseudo-reviews of games. Let's Play Videos are somewhat similar to live-streaming videos but Let's Play videos are often edited and may even feature scripted narration in place of improvisation.

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Let's Play video capture software

If you want to know how to make let's play videos, you will need video capture software that can capture your screen. You may also need other hardware, depending on the platform you use to play your games. For example, if you're recording a computer game, you can download certain software to record the screen. Bandicam is one of the most popular options for Let's Play video capture software.

If you're using a gaming console such as an Xbox or PlayStation, you can record your gameplay using built-in software, but it's often of lower quality than what you likely want for your videos. It's often best for better quality video to use a capture card that makes it easy to capture top-quality footage and upload it to a computer for editing. While capture cards can be expensive, they're worth it, depending on how often you plan to record and publish your videos.

Besides video capture software and hardware, consider getting a standalone microphone to record your commentary or narration. Specific audio recording software, including free options, can help you record high-quality audio to use along with gameplay footage. Of course, you can also record footage of yourself with a webcam, which can overlay the gameplay footage.

How to edit Let's Play videos

With the right video recording equipment and software, you can capture your Let's Play video, but you'll need some of the best video editing software for Let's Plays if you want to complete your video. Using high-quality video editing software, you can trim footage, sync your video and audio, remove any mistakes or deaths, and ensure the video is free of glitches or other problems before uploading.

Remember, your audience could easily get bored if there are slow moments in your gameplay, so try to make sure that any slow moments are trimmed or removed entirely. Keep your videos engaging and fast-paced to hold your audiences' attention, and they'll look forward to your videos.

Also, if you use a webcam to record yourself while playing, try to keep the image in the corner of the screen to keep it from obstructing the gameplay's view. Your reactions may be entertaining to watch on their own, but your videos' main visual focus should be the game itself.

The most important step to take when making a Let's Play video is to have fun while doing it. Making your videos should be an enjoyable process that builds upon the experience of enjoying your favorite video games. With a combination of high-quality software, hardware, and content, you can produce highly entertaining videos that have the chance to generate a huge following on YouTube and other sites.

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