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What is a M4V file?

M4V essentially stores videos that have been downloaded from the Apple iTunes store. While this file format has some similarities to MP4, it is subject to Apple's FairPlay DRM copyright protection—users can't play M4V files that are copy-protected without authorization. You'll need an account with iTunes. However, you may come across M4V files that aren't protected. You can play such files on third-party programs by changing the extensions from .m4v to .mp4.

How to edit M4V files

A robust video editing solution can help you edit M4V files intuitively and within a short time. Some of the actions that you can take with these video editing tools include:

  • Cropping videos: This refers to the process of adjusting or moving the edges of a video clip or image.
  • Rotating the videos: This refers to tilting of a video clip to your preferred angle.
  • Speeding up the videos: This function allows you to play a video faster than its original speed. There is also an option to slow down the videos.
  • Changing the video effect: This refers to the process of manipulating videos outside of the context of a live-action shot.

You can also apply effects like motion tracking, mosaic, keyframing, and face-off. And if you want to personalize your videos, you can add elements like transitions, text, audio, intro/credit, and more.

How to make M4V files smaller

The problem with editing most movie files is that it can be challenging to eventually produce and publish them online. M4V files are great because they can produce an extremely high-quality film. The problem is that sharing these files can be difficult, given their large size.

So how can you compress M4V files into a more manageable file type? VideoStudio can not only perform compression on M4V files but a wide range of other editing software functions. With VideoStudio, you will have superior conversion/compression speed without your files losing their quality.

When to convert M4V

M4V is primarily used to store free or paid videos that you get from the iTunes store and is basically constrained to playing on iTunes and QuickTime Player. Even so, there are instances when your M4V movies and shows are available on Android phones, Windows 10 PCs, and other devices. What do you do then?

As opposed to M4V files that are only recognized by a limited number of devices, MP4 has the capacity to play on various devices and media players. As such, by converting M4V files to MP4, you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and iTunes movies everywhere.

M4V player

As a Mac user, you may have second thoughts about using iTunes to play M4V videos, given that this piece of Apple software isn't user-friendly—it accommodates several features that take time to launch. So how can you play M4V videos without iTunes? There are a host of M4V video players out there that you can use to play these types of videos on various devices. M4V players offer a wide range of benefits, such as being compatible with different systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Use VideoStudio for all your M4V needs

VideoStudio has everything you need to create high-quality movies. With VideoStudio, you can:

  • Capture great videos: Capture multi-camera videos with built-in tools. You can also import your own clips or record your screen.
  • Edit your videos: VideoStudio's advanced features allow you to color grade, video mask, and play with several customizable filters. You can also apply premium effects.
  • Share your videos: You can export your video projects to different formats to share them online. You can also view the videos across different devices, burn them to a disc, or upload them directly to YouTube.

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How to open M4V files with VideoStudio
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