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What is an AVCHD file?

AVCHD, or Advanced Video Codec High Definition, is a high-definition video format that Sony and Panasonic designed be used in camcorders. The format is designed to save high definition video in relatively small files. While these files are relatively small for the video quality, they are still much larger than the equivalent files in other video formats. These features make AVCHD files ideal for video projects that require the highest quality images and audio and where storage space isn't a concern. This includes content that you'll put on Blu-ray and DVD discs and watch on a high-definition TV.

How to edit AVCHD files

Once you've captured high-quality video in an AVCHD file, you'll probably need to make some edits to turn that raw footage into a polished finished product. You can crop out mistakes or unwanted clips, add sound effects to emphasize certain moments, or adjust the transitions between scenes. AVCHD files are usually large and heavily compressed, so editing than can be challenging. For the best editing experience, use the fastest computer with the most RAM and storage you can access. AVCHD files are compatible with most editing software programs.

How to make AVCDH files smaller

While AVCDH files are quite large, they are relatively small for their level of video quality. This limits your options for making them smaller. Still, large files can be difficult to work with, so you'll need to find a solution. You may need to reduce your file size to make storing, sharing and uploading those files more practical. You can use online compressor tools to compress your AVCDH files. Many video editing programs have the option to reduce the file size when exporting the video as well. This can be more efficient, since you're able to use a feature of a program you're already using, rather than finding an additional conversion-specific program. Alternatively, you can convert the files to a different format.

When to convert AVCHD

AVCHD files prioritize video quality over file size. This means that you'll usually want to convert your AVCHD files to another format if you need the files to be smaller and are willing to compromise on video quality. The most common alternative format to AVCHD is MP4. While there are many video file formats, MP4 is the one you'll most likely need to convert AVCHD to, because of its popularity and smaller file size.

MP4 files usually have lower video quality, but they are much smaller, about one-third of the size of an AVCHD file. MP4 files are also compatible with a wider range of devices and tend to work well with computers, tablets and smartphones. If you need to stream or upload a video, or you need to access it on a device that doesn't support AVCHD files, converting to MP4 can be a good idea.

AVCHD player

The major devices that support AVCHD files are Blu-ray players and PlayStation 3 consoles. Computers need specific software programs to work with AVCHD files, and you'll have the best results with newer computers with plenty of storage available. These options are fairly limited. If you need to play the video on a different device, you'll need to convert it to MP4 or another more flexible format.

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If you've committed to finding the space for AVCHD files, you care about the quality of both your raw footage and your final product. VideoStudio's video editing software offers all of the editing tools and features you need in an easy to use, intuitive program. Visit the VideoStudio editing software page for more details and to compare different versions of the software.

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