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What is a 3GP file?

3GP is a video format initially designed for videos on 3g mobile devices. 3GP videos usually have a small file size to accommodate storage and bandwidth requirements in cellular devices. The multimedia file container derives its name from its creators, the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). While 3G phones will be rendered obsolete, at least in the US, you can breathe easy since the video format is still compatible with 4G cell phones. Files in this format can also be viewed on a personal computer, although the quality may not be as high on a large screen.

How to edit 3GP files

Edits often involve refining and polishing certain aspects of the video, as well as removing or adding certain elements that improve your content. You will need editing software to carry out these changes. After checking its compatibility, you can download and install the software on your devices. The editing software then allows you to alter your videos, such as adding titles, transitions, filters, video effects, and music.

It is vital to save your project before exporting, as this will allow you the flexibility to make additional changes to the project in the future.

How to make 3GP files smaller

Sometimes large files can prove inconvenient, mainly when you have limited storage space or want to share them across devices or over the internet. However, you can ease space and share the files easily if you make them smaller through compression, which you can carry out using video editing software such as VideoStudio.

Editing software can apply automatic size reduction to reduce the size of the video. All you have to do is choose the desired size and output format, and you will have your video in a smaller format but the same quality. In this method, you do not have to tweak the video parameters to achieve a smaller size, as the editing software does all this on your behalf.

You can also decide to reduce the video size by changing the video properties that influence storage space, such as the resolution. For instance, a video with a resolution of 320 x 240 will work fine on phones with wide screens, while you could still get by with a resolution of 176 x 144 if you still want to save on storage.

The video codec also affects the file size of a video, and choosing codecs such as H.264 allows you to retain quality and save on space. You could also decide to remove the parts of the video that you can do without, such as a recap, trailer or commentary, by using the trimming option in your editing software. If your video has a black frame, cutting them out can make them less bulky.

When to convert 3GP

If you want to play your videos on an older phone, it will make sense to convert them to 3GP, as this file format is supported on such devices. Also, if you want to save on storage space on files you would like to keep but have no immediate use for, you could shrink the video and audio components into this multimedia storage container.

Still, 3GP is becoming a redundant file type whose relevance mainly existed in the pre-smartphone era. Therefore, if you only want to reduce the file type and don't aim to play them on an older smartphone or are likely to use them immediately, you can convert the file to an MP4 file container that is universally compatible with devices.

3GP player

Almost all smartphones and mobile devices that support a 3G connection can open 3GP files natively. You can also open them on computers using VLC media or QuickTime, although there are other numerous media players you can use to watch your 3GP video.

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